Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What They Don't Tell You About Vegas: Traffic and Cars

Las Vegas is a very transient town. People come and go, bringing their experiences and driving habits with them.  When you take driving habits from all over the country and put it together with non-stop construction, you get some of the worst traffic issues in the country.

It's not that you have to be in traffic for hours like LA, but you might get stuck for an hour on the freeway between two exits at 9:30 at night.  That delay could be due to construction, a tiny accident, or literally nothing at all.

I took this photo as a passenger a few weeks ago.  This is one lane of traffic.  People go wherever they want.  The one on the right did not turn right at the next street.  They all just kept on going, trying to outrun each other until they reached the part where the street narrows and they couldn't do this anymore.  There are these type of streets all over Vegas, and I've seen people run other people off the road to be the first.

It's also a very dry climate, so when you are on the freeway you will get a lot of cracks on your windshield from larger vehicles.  They'll range from ones you hear but can't see to ones that might take out your entire windshield.

Good news though!  Most car insurance will cover the repairs, which only take minutes and sometimes are available at car washes.  Take care of them at least once a month, because it will add up quickly and then you are stuck paying for a brand new one.  It's also a good idea, while you are here, to have full coverage on your insurance. 

Technically you aren't a local until you've gotten into a car accident.

Drive like you are in NASCAR and take care of those windshield dings, and you'll be just fine.

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