Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Container Park: an Adult Playground @DTContainerPark

Now that Container Park is all filled up, I thought I'd be one of the last people to blog about it.  "They" are trying to make downtown a nicer place, and I have to say that this place is a very well executed one.  Once you are inside, you sort of forget about the area you are in, and it is just as comfy and cozy as Town Square on the other side of town.  It also really has something for everyone in the family, which is a big switch of the regular "drink until you drop" attitude of downtown and the strip.

Ripped from Northern Nevada's Burning Man Festival is a praying mantis that shoots fire out of the antennas out front.  It is larger than life and sets up the unconventional shipping container structure inside.

The shipping containers surround a very decent play area for kids, and The Tree house includes an "adult" sized slide that goes down 33 feet.  I embraced my inner child and rode it.  Some people said it was too rough, but clearly they just forgot how to hug the turns, as I didn't have a problem.  Much like the teeter totter at Park, it was just the right kind of whimsical fun that I hope will someday define DTLV.

I both love and hate the fact that their retail options are local businesses.  Love because I enjoy supporting anything local, hate because everything is severely over priced.  When I go there, I save up for one drink at the bar, and hope that there is some great free music to enjoy.  Lucky for me, there usually is.

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