Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Like a Good Neighbor...Wait, Where Are You Going?

The Neon Beast and I were out a recently getting some random items from that evil mega-store.  We had to go to the other evil big box store next door, so we parked in the middle and went to check out at the tire section because we are the assholes that do that sort of thing.

There was a lady in front of us that was clearly nearing the end of her pregnancy.  She was trying to convince them to jump her car, which was across the street at the strip mall where she worked.

Normally I'm not one for helping other people out.  I actually used to be, all the time, but Vegas hardened me.  Even people I do know and do things for, I now do just to shut them up.  I don't expect gratitude or thanks.  Just silence.  However, there is something about a poor pregnant lady walking the equivalent of like, 4 city blocks without any help.

I gave the Neon Beast a look, then approached the lady.  We introduced ourselves, and offered to drive her back across the street and jump her car so she could drive it back to Big Box and get them to replace it or at least look at it.

On the way over we learned her husband was at work and about to leave before we came to help her.  She called him and let him know that she was taken care of, and we learned her co-workers knew that she had a dead battery, but just left anyway.  Did I mention she works at a car insurance office?


With co-workers like those, who needs enemies?

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