Monday, April 21, 2014

Nelson Ghost Town

About 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas, is the ghost town of Nelson.  The official web site still maintains it's geocities style design, but it is actually a pretty cool place.  There are many old buildings to go and look at, although you really can only go into the super creepy gift shop.  I guess it's not that creepy, but I'm just not a fan of taxidermy. 

There was a big sign when we got there to check in if you were a photographer.  We couldn't really find anyone to talk to in the gift shop, so we just wandered around and took pictures.  Jailtime to come, I guess.  We've gone a couple of times now and there is always a professional photoshoot going on, so maybe they just meant the professionals.  It looked like there was a tour of some kind, but we still couldn't find anyone to get more information, so we just wandered.  It was such a beautiful day both times we were there, which made for some awesome pictures. 

There were tons of old cars there that were beautifully aged. A short drive away was Nelson's Landing, where some awesome cliff diving happens.  Here is a really awesome video if you'd like to see people being crazy.  I'm afraid of falling, so that wasn't going to be something I'd do.

For such a short drive from Vegas, it's a day trip that everyone should take at least once.
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