Monday, December 16, 2013

F**ing Vegas?

The late night TV show well was running dry this weekend, and I saw a show on A&E called Flipping Vegas.

First of all I have to say, whomever is shooting the B roll around the city is great.  That is the last good thing I can say about this show.  It feels like Nascar, where all your searching for is the point where this man just finally has a heart attack or his eyeballs just pop out of his head.  It is like he is determined to be the Gordan Ramsey of the Real Estate world.

He drives around in seriously ridiculous cars and talks about the potential of the Las Vegas housing market.  Meanwhile he's taking on the valleys most outdated houses.  When the Neon Beast and I were house hunting, we saw much worse than the two episodes of this show that I watched.  Scott, this guy on the show, loses his everloving mind about every single floorboard and fixture.  He works with his wife Amie, who is toted as an interior designer, but her taste is least by him, at every turn.

This show is so bad, that when I typed "Flipping Vegas" into Google, it suggest that I wanted to search for "Flipping Vegas Fake" and there is a Facebook page with 99 fans currently.  99 people thought this show was so fake they joined a Facebook page.  That is some serious hate for a show that I had never heard of until this weekend when I happened upon it.

Though I'll never be a fan of this town, I would really like a reality show to come to Vegas and show something close to the real Vegas.  Of course, people flaking out on plans wouldn't make much of a reality show.
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