Monday, November 25, 2013

Stop Black Thanksgiving...Maybe

I'm seeing a lot of articles on stores that are open during Thanksgiving.  There is even a petition for those stores to close.  It seems like the only wholesomeish holiday left is coming under fire and everyone is taking sides.

What side am I on?  Well, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Sure, everyone ends up getting in a fight and by the end of the night you can't stand your family.  However, this is the only time that you are all together to fight.  You all get together and share a meal, something that you almost never get to do on a regular basis anymore.

My heart would be broken if Great-Aunt Mildred got up before dessert was served to go shopping instead of spend time with us.  Which begs the question; who exactly is she shopping for?  The people that she is leaving Thanksgiving for?  She just can't give up a good deal?  What is the deal with deals?

In the end, I can't entirely fault the stores for staying open.  Their main goal is to make money, and if everyone's Great-Aunt Mildred is willing to show up to shop, who can fault them?  In fact, according to this article, they really need the money.  It's almost sad.

However, it's also sad to make people work when they should be with their families.  I've worked in customer service far longer than I should have, and they let out the crazy people for the holiday season.  Those people are mean, and hateful...and really they should be at home bothering their own family.  That is the way it should be.

So dearest Aunt Mildred, if you are going to leave Thanksgiving dinner to go shopping....try not to be a bitch to the employees.  For me.
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