Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Open Letter to the Women Who Sent Her Husband to a Convenience Store for Makeup

Dear Women Who Etc,

I was minding my own business at CVS last night when a man approached me asking for help.  For a moment I thought he was mistaking me for an employee, but as it turns out he was asking for a woman's opinion.  (Side Note; I'm so glad this new pixie cut doesn't make me look like a man or butch women who knows nothing about makeup)

You sent him to the store for a compact and mascara.  He was really proud of himself, he had found the compact.  But you hadn't given him anything to go on in regards to the mascara except for it was around $5.00 and it came in "Black Black."  It was for something tonight, and apparently you weren't available by text or phone at the moment.

He said he didn't mind if it was more than five bucks, and it was so sweet of him.  He was trying so hard, but you gave him little to no information.  There wasn't much I could do to help him.  I did let him know that each mascara was with it's brand, and to go with the ones that say blackest black, or something like that.  He was super sweet and told me thank you and he didn't mean to waste my time.

I'm not sure why you sent him to pick up your makeup, or how you managed to run out of mascara before a big party.  I do know that he is super sweet to try and help you out, but don't make him do that again.  At least not without the brand of mascara you want.  He doesn't deserve that.
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