Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Park on Fremont

The decor of Park on Fremont is interesting upon first viewing, but the smart barfly will look a little closer and see the strangeness of Park.  It really is a unique place to visit in downtown Vegas.

You see that there are taxidermy animals behind the bar and the seats inside.  If you look closer however, you see the deer has guns for antlers, and the birds are stuck mid-sex act.  The fornication doesn't stop there either.

There is a giant painting out back of horses getting it on too, as well as a cute looking girl in a Gaga-inspired meat dress painting.  But my favorite part of Park isn't the fact that it's a little left of center when it comes to their decor, but that they understand that sometimes getting drunk and rowdy doesn't mean grinding on strangers.  It means getting back to your childhood roots.  As long as you can find a person that is around your own body weight.

What you see is correct, they have a See Saw in the back of the patio.  You sort of have to know where to go, but once you are there the fun starts.  I would advise riding before drinking to avoid someone going splat, but either way it is so much fun.

The staff was awesome and nice to us when we asked what song was playing or asked for yet another round of water (it was still too hot to really sit outside, but we did anyway).  I have a feeling if I got too drunk the place would scare me with the weird decor, but who knows?  Maybe it would straighten everything out, and all would be right again.

It feels more whimsical and adult than up the strip, though there is a huge hipster-to-normal ratio.  I've found better drinks elsewhere, but the atmosphere can't be beat here.

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