Saturday, September 14, 2013

In Defense of the Noble Pumpkin #OneMonthOneHoliday

Today I saw, next to the Halloween section in Kohls, a full size, out in the open, no holds barred, Christmas tree.

My One Month, One Holiday post came a little earlier last year.  Not by too much however.  My views have not changed.  I think I'm being more than fair that each month gets it's own holiday.  I don't think we should be celebrating Halloween right now.  There are still 40 something-ish days until the day, so I feel it is way too early.

The only thing I feel crosses all borders and can transcend time is the Noble Pumpkin.  It doesn't symbolize Halloween for me, but rather a change of seasons.  Plus, it is so yummy.

I do understand there is a time and place for it, however I feel that time is Autumn, and not just Halloween.  It is the only thing that is associated with a holiday that I fully embrace outside of the holiday.  What can I say?  I'm a gourd lover.

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