Saturday, September 21, 2013

Miracle on Apple Street (MY iPhone Story)

Yesterday I awoke late and read up on all the shenanigans that had occurred that morning in regards to the new iPhone.  I saw that awful story on the businessman who had homeless people wait in line for him and then didn't pay what he promised.  I saw that people were already trying to hack it.

If living in Vegas has taught me anything, it's to NEVER wait in line for anything.  You get a real weird sense of entitlement after being a local here.  I've never waited in a line for a club, and I wasn't about to start doing it for a phone.  I had a 4, which was admittedly running super slow, but I could wait until later in the month and just swing in for one.

I found myself at Town Square for other reasons (Seriously, how can you just throw away free underwear at Victoria's Secret and $15 off a bra?  You can't.) so I decided to stop in and ask them about how much back I'd be getting for my 4.

There were about 4 or 5 employees outside, like they were expecting a second rush of people or something (It was around 3:30 PM).  I asked the guy by the door about the trade in program, and he shlepped me off on another guy who told me they'd give me $122.  Not a bad deal for a piece of shit, although I did keep it in perfect condition.

The deal was, they would give me an iTunes gift card for it, but it could only be used to purchase a new phone.  Then the heavens opened up and for the first time in my life, I had gotten perfect timing and a shipment just came in.

A short-ish time later I was walking out with the new iPhone 5s.  I got the largest size, so now all of my movies and silly showtunes are on there for my constant enjoyment.  Before you ask, yes, I know all the cool improvements were on Android years ago.  Give the battle a rest.
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