Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vegas in your 30's vs. your 20's

Vegas in my 20's wasn't really all that bad.  I had a couple of superficial friends with connections to clubs, and we had a good time.

If one friend flaked out, there were 3 more showing up, so who cares?  There was always another friend, another club, another party.

Then I grew up.  Some of the friends grew up with me, but most didn't. I got tired of people flaking out on plans, even the ones they made for the entire group.  I got sick of the constant Happy Hours, so much so that I stopped drinking for a summer to make sure I hadn't turned into an alcoholic.

I never really did end up making friends at work, at least none that grew close enough to me before I left the job.  I've had twice as many jobs in a decade here as I did back home in two.  The job market is tough, and the friend market even tougher.

I really did think that it was going to be easy, making friends.  I thought it would be mere months before the Neon Beast and I had game nights and dinner parties at our new house.  Our "new house" is around 4 years old now, and we never got enough friends to have a housewarming party.

I have made one or two friends that I think I'd really miss on a day to day basis if I were to leave, but depending on the way the wind blows, that friendship could be over tomorrow.

This article from the NYTimes about making friends really hits home with me, and also points out that maybe this is not just a Vegas thing.  You can really connect with someone, but life just gets in the way.  It makes me worry that I didn't make enough friends in college.

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