Friday, August 9, 2013


When the Neon Beast and I moved here almost 10 years ago, I really wanted to jump directly into the local scene.  I looked into how much a newspaper subscription was (too much) and started watching the local news for all the awesome culture activities coming up. 

I was mortified and quit watching after the first week here.  It was all violence out of North Vegas, and I had no idea how close this Compton-style "North Vegas" was at the time, and I figured ignorance was bliss.  After a year of fruitlessly searching the internet, I deemed the place to have no culture.

I decided to try an experiment this week and started following a local news station's Twitter feed on my phone, 404-04 old school style.  I then went straight to bed, and awoke 8 hours later to 32 text messages.  All from Twitter, all from the news station.  All completely uneventful updates, no breaking news.  There were no less than three updates within an hour about the lady who was killed by the dump truck

It sounds a little crazy, but back in my day they taught us about this little thing called being newsworthy.  Also, who is up all night updating this Twitter feed?  Or does it just auto-feed whatever sounds not even remotely interesting?

I hung in there for the week however, and lost 40% more of my battery power everyday.  I got some cutesy news about Grumpy Cat, and what they had "coming up at 5."  They even had a "Positive Vegas" feature that was about once an hour.  The news wasn't all that positive, it just wasn't about murder or death.

In the time it took me to write this post, I got 3 tweets from them, about free school supplies, a fire on Buffal and Blue Diamond, and about how their news station helped someone with their phone bill.

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