Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Food Trucks are Free!*

*Don't get crazy, they aren't giving away food for free.  Just roll with it.

I was so excited to read that there is finally an ordinance in place in regards to where Food Trucks can park. 

I worked at at a place with a perfect spot for food trucks, and they would never let them park there for one reason or another.  My whole office was bummed.  I always felt bad when I checked on a website or twitter feed of a food truck to hear that they were not where they said they were going to be because someone had kicked them out.  It makes it hard to run a business when people are chasing you down the 215 to find out where you are going to stop.

Of course this isn't a for sure solution to the problem.  It only allows they access to the Bonneville Transit Center Center, City Hall, and the Courthouse.  You know, where all the shootings are?  You get a bullet proof vest instead of a punch card.

Maybe in a few years they'll have another solution.

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