Monday, August 19, 2013

Feeling Forever 85 and #MagicIsBack

I'm not even remotely a fashion blogger, but Shay Renae is, and she talked me into a Forever 21 trip last week.  I love that we can get along despite the fact that she is a girly girl and I'm....just not.

You can go over and read her version.  I do like how she brings me out of my shell to try on things that I wouldn't normally even look twice at, let alone pick up.  I tried on a romper y'all.  I looked like an Oompa Loompa, but the fact was I was bold enough to try it on.

I have given Forever 21 so many chances, but in the end it's not for me.  I can't handle the hodgepodge of mashed-up decades inside the store.  You would think I'd be able to find something inside two stuffed floors of clothing, but nothing strikes me.

In the end, I just feel too old for the entire store.  If I wanted to be in a club, I'd go to a club.  Shay and I could barely speak to each other inside over the house music.  I have to wonder if that is a Vegas thing, or just a clothing store thing.  I remember when I first moved here, being shocked that there was a DJ inside the Guess outlet store in the Charleston outlet mall.  Suddenly I want to hire a bunch of people to go into Forever 21 and start moshing and see what the employees do.

While we were there we went to check out the new Disney Store.  I was excited until I realized they had just become a clothing store.  They were gearing up for their Saturday grand opening, and ALL the employees had been sprinkled with pixie dust.  It didn't make them fly, but it made them a little high.

When the Villians took over the store to "steal our imaginations" one employee implored us to call out for Tinkerbell.  Shay's child was not with us, so this employee was seriously asking two grown ass adults to call out "Tinkerbell."  Now, I let this kind of stuff fly in Disneyland because there you are fully immersed, but this is just a store.

At the checkout I complemented the giant Disney "key" that was behind the counter.  The employee checking me out said, without a hint of sarcasm or hesitation; "Thank you.  We use that key every morning before we open the store to unlock our imaginations."

It was quite the conversation ender.  I couldn't get out of that store quick enough, they made me feel like I was a creeper.
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