Saturday, June 22, 2013

Model Employee: Lights, Camera, Action!

I have a lot of thoughts on this episode.  The biggest being that it is the second to last episode, what???  It's like this season has been the fat kid trying to make the ice cream last but then says screw it and eats the whole thing so fast he gets a headache.

Have I mentioned how much I like the opening sequence?  It's beautifully done, I'm shocked that it was done for such a bad show.

The girls are talking about the next challenge when Patrick, the guy who loves to remind you that he is the VP of Marketing at Mandalay Bay.  That has nothing to do with anything, except now they are in two teams and doing commercials for the beach club.  The teams are Jassmine, Shannone, and Sonja (JSS) together, and Alexis, Johanna, and Shah (JAS) are on the other team.  They have 3 hours to make a 30 second commercial, an extremely tall order.

Shah takes over for her team and starts over-thinking.  Johanna and Alexis are concerned.  Johanna says "If you (Shah) are smart why are you modeling?  I don't plan on using my brain until I'm wrinkly."  I laughed so hard at this.  I think Mandalay Bay is crazy not to want to keep her around, she's a freaking riot.

The JSS team are doing well and decide to run with a tourist/resortist theme.  Patrick said that this idea was used a month ago internally, as if they had stolen the idea or something.  Yes, the idea is basic, but if you have 3 hours you have to go with the first idea that sticks.

When finding out that the JSS team won't be speaking on camera, Jimmy Smith goes off on who is going to be a spokesmodel.  You MADE them wear all the hats for this.  if you wanted to see them as a spokesmodel, then PUT them in a situation where they are a spokesmodel.  Don't go the reality show route.  Shut up and let them do the stupid commercial.

Shah is busying still taking over and moving the slot machine over two inches.  She then goes looking for her lines and finds them in the water.  She thinks that Johanna threw them in the water, but clearly she's not from Vegas.  The wind came up and blew that away.  If you didn't put a rock on it, it's leaving you.

Later Johanna comes in while they are doing Shah's scene and says it looks ugly, which is a little jarring.  Saying "it doesn't look right" would be more diplomatic, but then that wouldn't be Johanna either.  She is my favorite, but she was already told last time not to do stuff like this, so I feel like her number is up.  I'm sad, even through Jimmy talking about the whole spokesmodel thing again.  We get it!  Why is no one making fun of him for this the way they made fun of Johanna last week for saying her dad was a chef more than one time?

Shah starts filming, but she's doing the whole crazy eyes things, and she interviews that the other girls are making her feel insecure while she is filming.  The judges talk about Johanna while she films her scene, about how awesome she looks on camera, and it is off camera they have a problem with.

Back at the suite, Shah wants to throw Johanna under the bus and talks about getting people on her side.  She sort of ends up alone in her cause.  Basically they say they are her friend and will come to her defense if attacked, but they don't have a personal vendetta against Johanna.

Deliberation Room time!  All six girls come out nervous but determined. They talk about last weeks MVP award a little.  They tell Jassmine to step it up, and the Orbitz girl takes feminism back about 50 damn years with her comments.  She tells her she is in a bikini for a reason, and she needs to flirt more with the men in the audience.  Now I'm voting her off the show.  Seriously, that was the most offensive thing that has happened on the show.  Yes, they are spokesmodels.  Yes, they are beautiful.  But you just jumped the line to asking her to prostitute herself, and that was sick.

The JAS commercial is up first, and it looks like it was edited in a back room with a machete.  Alexis looks way off camera during her part, despite what was going on Shah looked pretty good.  Johanna was as little stiff, but good.  The judges don't like it, but Jimmy takes this opportunity to say AGAIN they are spokesmodels.  Shah brings up that the DP was upset when his shot was called ugly.  The judges ask who offended him, and Johanna steps up and says it was her.  By being herself and stepping up, I really respect her in that moment.  When they come back from commercial it is a little strange because they replay the moment, but I'm not sure if they are actually watching it in the deliberation room, or they are just thinking we have bad short term memory and don't recall what actually happened.

The judges move on to JSS team's commercial.  It has a story, it's fluid, it's great.  But they don't speak on camera, oh no Jimmy, tell us ALL about it for the FOURTH DAMN TIME.  Please.  Remind me what I'm watching Jimmy.  I'm sure it's just the way that it was edited, but then DAMN YOU EDITOR.  STFU.  They apologize for it, but please just see my earlier rant.  Again.  JSS wins this round.  They basically tell the losing team to fight for their lives. Alexis says she has shown them that she is the face of Mandalay Bay, and she's not wrong.  Shah fights for herself, but then interrupts Johanna's time.  Alexis is asked to weight in, and she does state that it's hard to have a model like Johanna fly off the handle.

Shah is eliminated, and she interviews after that she knew if she attacked Johanna then she'd be going home.  Then why did you?  Sadly, Johanna is also eliminated.  They tell her she is a great model and amazing in front of the camera.  Shah is told she really knows the brand.  Johanna leaves a note for everyone saying to stay strong, and she leaves being herself, which is why she is my favorite.

Next week they are back to dirty jobs and cleaning up hotel rooms.  Eww.

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