Saturday, July 6, 2013

Model Employee: Meet My Mandalay Bay

This is it!  We've reached the end.  Just in case you are the type to just watch the finale of things, they do a huge recap for you.  Then basically tell you they have one last dirty job to do as a maid and then we'll just decide who does a good job cleaning and they win?

Alexis interviews that it would be amazing to win for her daughter.  Jassmine just complains about how heavy the carts were.  Sonja doesn't want to have to clean a whole suite, and Shannone is picturing a really gross room.

However, there isn't a dirty room, but a room full of dirty looks...from the execs!  Chuck Bowling, the President and COO of Mandalay Bay, says this is the most important interview of their life.  Jeez Chuck, you realize this is a modeling competition right?

They ask them what the typical guest is looking for at Mandalay Bay.  Everyone answers pretty well, a getaway, an escape, a Vegas Vacation.  Alexis does ask what exactly they mean by their question, and it comes off badly.  Obviously she's just nervous and doesn't want to get the question wrong, but of course that's not how they see it.  They ask her what her 10 year plan is, and I swear I can see one of them putting away the book "The most boring interview questions ever asked."  NO ONE CARES WHAT ANYONE ELSE'S 10 YEAR PLAN IS!  I got asked that when I was a teenager applying for Blockbuster.  It's just a question you ask to fill the time until you can kick them out.

The next question is what flaws do you see on the property, and Jassmine actually has a good answer; they need more advertising.  No one outside of Vegas knows about them.  Overall I think everyone did pretty well, but you can tell they didn't like Alexis.

The execs and judges go over the interview.  They bring up AGAIN that Jassmine had piercings before.  Stop it.  They are torn on Sonja, have good things to say about the rest...except Alexis.  She gets told to leave right away.  Which makes me sad, I wanted either Sonja or Alexis to win, and I was favoring Alexis.  I don't feel it was really right to spring that kind of interview on a person, and in the end it proves nothing.  If this was a real thing, and they were going to be a spokesperson, they were never going to take anyone by surprise in that job.

They get a reward of seafood at the signature seafood joint inside of Mandalay Bay.  Patrick rudely interupts the amazing dinner to say that the last challenge is a 5-7 minute presentation to a few hundred Mandalay Bay employees that states what Mandalay Bay means to them.  Sounds like a bad first assignment back from summer vacation.

I think next week I'm going to tell you what Mandalay Bay means to me.  Spoiler Alert: It was my first bad experience in Vegas.

Jassmine wants to have a day as a guest, Shannone goes to get the point of view from the employees (the best way), and Sonja makes signs and has the guests hold them and takes pictures.  Not sure how that is going to say why she likes Mandalay Bay, but okay.  She also goes back to all the Mandalay challenges and gets pictures, which is actually cute.  It's edited so that we are supposed to hate Shannone, but you know what?  I think decompressing before a talk is something that she might have needed to do, so I'm not going to fault her.  Plus, Lush is freaking amazing.

Back at the suite they compile all their information and talk about why they want to be the face of "the" Mandalay Bay, as Sonja puts it.  Which is funny considering they run/own "TheHotel."

They surprise the girls with their parents, and Shannone prays with her Preacher father, Sonja talks about how she choked at her interview, and Jassmine's mom reduces her to tears.

Shannone is the first up for her presentation.  She says she didn't do everything she wanted to do, which seemed obvious, but she did what she could.  Jassmine came next and listed off all of Mandalay Bay's amenities, then does a quick "I am the face of Mandalay Bay."  Sonja is last and cracks a joke that makes everyone laugh.  She actually makes a theme of her slideshow about what they all share, and it's pretty impressive. 

The judges agree with me, and Sonja wins!  Patrick looks like he is so happy this whole thing is over and he can go back to his regular job.  He seems as if he never wants to say "Face of Mandalay Bay" ever again.  He actually says to Sonja that she's "outgrown the ice princess moniker we gave you early on" which...ouch.  Just keep that to yourself Patrick, that's hurtful.  It's the least you can do to give her the competition.

So this is the end of a really disjointed reality show.  I give the girls credit for dealing with what they had to deal with, especially for a mediocre reality show.  I really wish VH1 would really work on their quality, but I guess I watched this whole thing, so maybe they know what they are doing.

Next Week; What Mandalay Bay means to me.

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