Sunday, June 2, 2013

Model Employee: As You Wish

Sadly the high rollers get the special treatment as they are the concierge for the hotel.  Aspen and Alexis are the team leaders, and the teams have an hour to complete as much as possible.  Of course the whole brown M&Ms thing comes up.  They don't blink an eye, and also drag $250 dollars in pennies across the casino floor.  They take a goldfish for a walk, and someone loses their shoes like a $3.00 whore in the casino.

Now, it's common to see a girl at the end of the night lose her shoes and walk back barefoot.  But not a model.  But, to be fair, the walk from the hotel room to the Shark Reef is far.

They go to a Hispanic dollar store to search for party decorations for a ten year old boy.  One team goes generic, the other goes with Superheroes, because you are a fool if you aren't into superheroes.

In the "deliberation" room, Aspen is bringing the pain.  Shah spoke Spanish in the store, so that wins her some points.  Brit didn't want to hurt the fish, but she gets in trouble for taking her shoes off.  The Blue team wins, making Aspen the MVP.  The other MVP is Shah.  The winning team gets access to the Freedom Party and the MVPs get to interview at the red carpet for the Hoodie awards. 

Rudeness ensues when they trick Shah into taking shots before her Hoodie Awards interview the next day.  It goes a little too far and Shah goes batshit crazy.  Everyone does actually feel bad about it, but are concerned she's a little cray.

Aspen actually messes up who Judge Mathis is, which is strange to me.  I mean, model's are out of work sometimes, don't they watch daytime TV?  Sadly it doesn't sound good for Aspen, but next week someone is FINALLY getting eliminated!  Let's get this freaking started by golly!

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