Thursday, May 23, 2013

Model Employee: Swimming with Sharks

We open with Kurt the Actor/Butler said that they are getting out of the Vegas heat and into a movie theater in the Penthouse lounge.  Jassmine is cranky because she isn't sleeping, and curses about it.

They watch a movie that turns out to be a shark tank, and one part of the teams get to clean the Reef with all the Sharks swimming about.  The other part of the team gets to cut up rats and squid and actually feed the sharks.

There is a lot of fighting about which part of the team gets which.  Shannone prays because she's so scared.  They are wearing protective gear, so they are fine.  But they are still all freaked out.  The other part of the team is weighing, or not weighing, fish to feed to the sharks.  One team is hogging the scale, so the other team just guestimates what will be needed.

The diving team is losing their shit because "they saw Jaws."  Really?  You and the rest of America.  People do this everyday, we don't hear about any shark attacks.  They aren't going to let you die, you are on a reality show.

They finally take to the water and start collecting the stray shark teeth that have sunk to the bottom of the take, and the feeder teams are chopping up rats.  Alexis loses her shit because she's afraid of rats.  I'd rather swim with sharks personally.  Shah is enjoying it, and I just threw up in my mouth a little.

They are trying to feed the sting ray, but it runs off, so they are worried they won't be finishing the challenge.  Back at the room Britany is made fun of for punking out on the diving.

Back at the non-elimination room, everyone is nervous.  They praise Johanna and Sonya for interviewing the crazy brand last week.  They tell Aspen that she is quiet, and she finally breaks down and starts crying.  To call her stupid and then ask what's wrong...what do you think?

After the commercial break Aspen explains it's hard to stand in front of them after their harsh comments.  Britany makes a point about keeping it together in front of the judges.  The misweighing of the fish on the feeder team causes some drama.  Also they didn't feed the stingrays and admitted it. 

Aspen gets high marks, Shannone gets commended for facing her fear.  Britany gets called out on not starting her period, however her team still wins.  They get a photo shoot for Mandalay Bay.

After the judging Britnay raises the drama up a notch with a fight about how she got called a liar.  I can sort of understand that she *might* have started her period that day, but just take a chance and take one for the team.

The winning team goes to their photo shoot.  Johanna is first up, she's fab as usual.  Britnay is next up, she's not sexy, even though that's what they keep asking for.  They give her a ball, she plays with it like a kid.  The photographer was a bit of a jerk to her though.  Shah gets a fun massage/showgirl/Elvis photoshoot.  She loses her top like a champ.  Shannone is having fun with her shoot, and she looks great.  They do a group shot at the end, and the judges are impressed.  Which is sad, because that's what they normally do guys.  This is like a messed up version of NPR's "That's Not My Job" from "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me."

The girls go out to Mix, which is very pretty as far as a club goes.  Shah is tired and getting a little delirious.  Everyone interviews that she's always been a little weird, but honestly the editing didn't see it until now.

Again, everyone is still here, and next week they work concierge and apparently drug Shah.  How long are they going to keep everyone around?  This whole show is totally weird.  Someone explain it to me.
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