Friday, May 17, 2013

Model Employee: Taking Out the Trash

Like all current reality shows, this one did a "previously on" so long we could've skipped the whole last episode.  The girls are all spoiled models, they tricked them into this competition where they basically do dirty jobs instead of the spokesmodeling position they'll be hired for.  The whole time the people who run Mandalay Bay try and make this sound like it's necessary for the job that most likely won't even exist by the end of the show.

Last weeks winners get to go to Thunder From Down Under, where they drink and have a Vegas experience, so I'm sure someone will look bad about that later, because if you ask the Execs that's not the wholesome family values that we like to cater to here.  Even though that show runs in a casino owned by the same company as Mandalay Bay.

The next morning Kurt the Actor/Butler brings in some clothes for them.  Someone asks if they are valeting, and boy do I wish that was what they were doing.  Kurt says to put on the construction type outfits and be downstairs at the docks in an hour.  The girls do put there hair up, but also get into full makeup.

Britany isn't worried about this new task, which is sorting the recycling for the casino.  Everyone's good friends Republic Services is there to oversee the process, and Johanna says at this point she doesn't know if she wants to be there, her agency would never sign her up for something like this.  At least she's with a good agency.

They are separated into 2 teams and start sorting.  Patrick Miller, VP of Marketing of MB, explains how important it is that they are experiencing this job.  No dude, it's important to make them go through this to make a good show.  You'd never put anyone through this really.

Britany is wandering around again, and they way that everyone talks about it, it does seem like that is really happening and not edited to make her look bad.  Sonja is pissed she's stuck with the slow bus Britney, and she does seem to make this excuse about makeup in her eye.  Alexis says "I don't think she's faking it, I just think........she's a pansy."  Alexis, I heart you.  Even the medic said he wasn't used to treating make up in the eye.

Everyone gets back into the swing of things after that, and Shah says "This smells like old Filet Minon!"  Johanna says in an interview that it smells like trash and to knock it off.  At first I wanted to know how she even knows what old Filet Minon smells like, but then I remember that models don't eat, but they do like to order expensive things.  At least, that's what I learned from watching that "Head over Heels" movie.  Everyone is glad to be done finally.  Jassmine is the only one who doesn't shower after the trash fest, and that's just wrong. 

In the elimination room, they go over last week's horrorfest wine tasting.  No one has stayed here before, but they want to be the face without having to do any footwork, which is sad.  Then a bomb gets dropped.  Patrick says that one of them doesn't have the "look" they are searching for.  Turns out all of the Mandalay Bay Execs have this disorder where they don't see piercings on people unless they actually get close to representing their brand.  Jassmine is put on the spot and basically demanded to remove her piercings or leave the competition.   She's a very good sport about it, but I don't agree with it at all.  This is Vegas.  No one would even notice if there was a hole in her face or not. Vegas is selling a brand of fun and being carefree.  But the Execs are still from Utah I guess.

Jimmy calls Britany out on her slowness, but then praises her and tells her that she is his favorite.  Everyone is floored that she's getting away with being lazy.  One of my favorites Johanna gets MVP, but not without bringing up last week, because they can't let her even have a moment of happiness.

The winning team gets a cabana at The Beach at MB, where Aspen is upset about the judges calling her stupid, which was pretty rude of them.  Back at the hotel room there is a sad phone call to a child, and Shah talks her down, but it gets edited to her being bitchy sadly.

The MVP's are getting ready to interview Steel Panther, some band that refuses to let 80's hair bands die.  Turns out Apsen's boyfriend started the band before it was that name, and she knows all the guys.  Now she is super pissed she didn't win.

Kurt delivers the MVP's to the shoot for the M Life.  Sonja is choking a little bit, but they get through it and then go upstairs to the Foundation Room to do the interview with the band.  For those of you following along, that's where all the cool pictures of the strip are taken;

Steel Panther takes over the interview, and all my ANTM training kicks in and I wish I could come through the screen and tell them they need to put the guys in their place and get in a good interview.  If all the information was really in their packet, they should have stepped it up.  However, lets be real here.  This is for the channel that you switch right after turning on the TV.  They turn it around and nail it, so they are good to go.

Abruptly the episode ends.  No elimination, no resolution.  Maybe someone will get the boot next week....?
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