Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guest Post: Grouchy John’s Coffee: Casino Boy’s Pick for Cheap Vegas Coffee

This article was written by Ariel Abbott,  Editor of

Casino Boy is no coffee snob, but he is a caffeine junkie who’s very familiar with a hangover and how to cure it. His new local Las Vegas favorite for curing that long night out and unlimited drinks at the tables? Grouchy John’s Coffee. Not only does it have a suitable name for Casino Boy considering he’s always grouchy in the morning after a late night out (and typically just grouchy in general), but the coffee taste great whether he’s  sippin’ on a regular cup of Joe or one of their specialty drinks. Here’s why Vegas visitors should try Grouchy John’s Coffee shop in Las Vegas, Casino Boy’s favorite spot for a caffeine fix in Sin City:

For those staying at Vegas hotels on the Strip, a Starbucks may be closer and more convenient, but don’t sell your wallet or your palate short. Grouchy John’s Coffee will give you that kick to get yourself back onto the saddle and ready for another round at the casino or that long drive home from Vegas, and it tastes darn good too. Plus, stick it to the man and help out a small local business while saving money in Vegas at the same time with their cheap Vegas coffee. Grouchy John’s bagels and assortment of pastries and sweets will definitely help soak up any booze from the night before, and pair it with a coffee and you’ll be good to go take on another day in Sin City. Casino Boy’s favorite order at Grouchy John’s Coffee in Las Vegas: Fat free & Sugar free Salted Caramel Cappuccino (yeah, even Casino Boy is trying to hit that goal weight for the Las Vegas hotel pools this summer), or the Almond Roca Mocha on his cheat day.

With the drive through, Casino Boy doesn’t even have to feel embarrassed that he’s still in the same clothes from the night before, and they even give out dog treats if you have your pooch with you! They already had Casino Boy’s heart with their cheap Vegas prices, but give his best friend a free Vegas treat and there’s no way Casino Boy is ever going back to Starbucks. Plus, despite the name of the coffee shop and Casino Boy’s throbbing headache from too many glasses of whiskey on the rocks, the friendly baristas even started to put Casino Boy in a good mood. The cheapo that he is, the low Vegas prices at this coffee shop are what topped it all off for Casino Boy as his favorite Vegas spot for breakfast in Vegas and a caffeine kick. 

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