Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Warhol Out West at Bellagio Gallery of Arts

Andy Warhol was always one of my favorite artists.  I loved the fact that he could make the world look at itself and make a social commentary.  Sometimes I wonder if I had lived in the Renaissance, if those paintings would be like how I see Andy Warhol's work.  Obviously I'm no art major.

Either way, I love how he can have fun with his art.  Warhol Out West at Bellagio has a great sample of all of his work, from his Cowboys and Indians series to Diamond Dust to his Polaroids of famous people, which are more captivating than you would think. 

It amazes me that some of his art is some of the most expensive ever sold.  Everything that he does can be done by other people, but no one has the vision he had.  All of his work is colorful, interesting, but at the same time it speaks to the everyday person.  It's truly art for the people.

My favorite part of the exhibit was the Polaroids, and I was shocked that it was as captivating as it was.  There is a showing going on in LA of more of his Polaroids, and now I want to make time to go there before it's over.  It's such a naked showing of people we know and love, with no Photoshop, and you really connect to the photos.  I felt like I was seeing these celebrities for the first time, and the way they are presented on their stark white background in frames only adds to the drama.

If you don't know who Andy Warhol is, this is an amazing introduction to his work.  If you are a fan, this is a great sampling of his work throughout the years and is not to be missed.  It won't take you more than 20 minutes to go through with the audio tour, but even though it's small, it is powerful.  Get out there before it ends in October.
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