Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bunheads: Next!

Winter Finale!  What?

Sutton wakes up next to Godot and is amazed that she slept with him.  So much so that she takes a photo with her phone. 

Fanny is back!  Also, Michelle's brother is back and sleeping on Fanny's couch.  She's not happy.  Everyone bursts into the Love Den.  The Search is on...for Godot's pants.

Bunhead's Practice, Ginny is not doing well at drawing, and everyone is making fun of her.  Fanny is back, and she gets applause this time.  Truly comes in to announce that Sparkles is dead.  That leaves her more time to bother Fanny.  Sutton takes class from Fanny.  Sutton goes to check on her brother who is doing hard labor for Fanny.  They have the same nose, so they must be related.

EmoKid comes to the studio where Sasha is waiting, and he hands her an envelope with his feelings and quotes Anna Karenina.  It's all true and how he feels.  I guess they are getting serious enough that I should maybe memorize him by sight and name.  Maybe if this gets renewed.

Bunheads are hanging in Sasha's apartment, and apparently they all asked their boyfriends for a list of past exploits.  Oh Goody, we've made it to the Very Special Sex Episode.   Also, Sasha is still playing homeowner with PotPie and Popovers.

Sasha stays up with Boo to peer pressure her into sex.  The others wake up and they decide to all have sex, with the guise that this will give them information and experience.  Cue Montage of the bunheads reading sex books, but Boo is still reading Judy Blume.  They get a body image book from Cosette, and go to buy condoms.  Which reminds me, we never find out whose condom it was from the last episode.

Fanny and Millie come into the studio, Millie has fired the concrete guy.  Fanny tries to get Millie to understand that she needs to help Truly get Sparkles back.  Naturally, Millie doesn't get it.  They all clear out to give Sutton the studio to dance off some calories.  But it seems more important than that.  Sasha comes in to ask about sex. Sasha overintellectualizes, so she wants to meet on Sunday at 5:00 to do that. 

Sutton comes in to ask for Saturday off from Fanny, who willingly gives it.  Then she asks Fanny what she tells the girls about sex, which leads to a fun fight.  Then the bunheads see Sutton driving off reluctantly.  Since Jordan is teaching, they skip practice and follow Sutton.

Sutton is at an audition, with a bazillion people.  Maybe it's a Dancing With The Stars audition.  The bunheads find out that it is an audition.  They don't want to jinx her by wishing her luck, but they also don't leave.  The line starts to move, and they state that it took an hour and a half to get there, but it looks like LA.  Paradise is weird.  Sutton has an eye catching leotard that's pretty awesome.

The audition starts, and they want a specific look, so the guy goes down the line saying no to pretty much everyone.  Sutton is, I think, the first one to make it past.  There is still a fair amount when they start actually learning the dance.  Boo thinks the dance looks easy, so all the bunheads just go ahead and join in.  Boo is serious about auditioning.  Sasha tries to talk her out of it, and they get in a fight.  Sutton makes it past the cut, almost runs into the bunheads in the bathroom, they are hiding in a stall.

It's time for Sutton to sing, and SETH freakin' RUDETSKY is at the piano (can you tell this is the best part for me?), and talks her out of performing Les Mis.  Thank god.  She sings "If My Friends Could See Me Now."  Afterwards, Seth tells her that the spots are already filled.  But he loves her, and wants to get in touch.  If she's ever in New York.  Which is never.  Sutton leaves pissed off, and the bunheads decide next time they say hi.

The creepy gnomes in Gnomeo and Juliet in the commercials are freaking me out.

Millie calls a meeting with Truly, and she's actually amazing and gives her a space to reopen Sparkles with asbestos in the bathroom.  Which she will actually remove.

Sutton's brother comes in to deliver a package to Millie, and Millie likes him.  It's creepy.  Truly likes him too.  Oh boy.

The next day Fanny decided that sex ed is in order instead of literally being en pointe.  She has creepy doll items.  Sutton is still wearing the same outfit however.  It's strange.  Sasha texts her saying that the appointment still stands tomorrow.  Tomorrow?  Does this show have a Deloran?  I had to rewind, and apparently it is the same day, but the night, and so that means that the girl's have an afternoon AND evening practice?  Seems a little extreme.  Also, Sutton has a hidious phone case and an owl in her headphone jack.  Everyone gets a banana.  Seriously.

Ginny goes outside and finds Sutton.  She asks about the audition.  Ginny blurts out that her banana's name is Frankie.  They weren't dating.  It was last week.  He hasn't called her since.  She wrote him a thank you note, for sex.  She's an idiot, even though Sutton tells her otherwise.  It's heartbreaking.

Bunheads dance to "Making Whoopie."  I wish I was kidding.  This was the finale?  Kinda weak.

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