Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bunheads: It's Not a Mint

No previously, just a possible break in at Sasha's new place.  I bet she just left it unlocked.

Talia is still in town, I guess she's getting married tomorrow on the beach while Truly doesn't enjoy herself.  Truly also thinks that she should be Talia's maid of honor.  Sutton concedes and Truly wants chocolate.

Sasha's Dude comes over to go into her open apartment door.  They go into the apartment and Sasha gets out her My Little Pony umbrella, which Dude Roman uses to uselessly fend off a spider in the bathroom.  No one is in the apartment, and Sasha was scared.  They get to kissing and then Boo and her parents rush in and ruin the moment, hilariously.

Ballet Practice.  Truly is bothering her about fabrics for the bridemaid's dress when Kurt from Gilmore Girl's (I bet all the fangirl's are losing their minds) comes in and states there is a fire, and so people are coming to the studio to stay, and then tries to make Sutton wear a cap that says CAP on it.  It doesn't fit.

Kurt makes Orgy jokes and puts her in charge of watering the animals.  Melanie is taking pictures of anyone coming in, and the check in process leaves Kurt and Sutton fighting.

Melanie and Ginny make fun of a jock, Carl identifies with a nerd who brought a screener copy of Hope Springs.  Talia is upset that she can't make it to the beach, but she wants to get married today.

Kurt needs something moved and decides to say it like a child molester.  How is that funny?  Not quite sure.  Just before the end of the segment, Ginny sees Hipster Boy topless.  She's pretty hard up since breaking up with her boyfriend.

Carl's new boyfriend Jeff joins the girl's in the cot area.  Melanie takes a picture of the group, and the jock comes by being a dumb jock and claiming to know Ansel Adams.  Talia comes in upset because Old Man is stuck at the checkpoint and can't get in.  Truly is determined for the wedding to happen.  Then for no reason at all, Sutton finds a condom under a dresser.  Maybe it fell out of her purse earlier.

Sutton commends the bunheads to get some boxes so they can compete with the other center.  She banishes the guys to the other side of the room and gets through more condoms.  Talia's old man gets through and the wedding is back on.  The bunheads are going through boxes while Carl's new boyfriend and Carl do a scene from Hope Springs.  They end up fighting over Boo...and Tommy Lee Jones.

Cole Miner Bunheads perform a dance to I Predict from the Sparks, or at least that is what Shazam told me.  Truly thanks her sister for having a baby to get their mom off their back.  Ginny sniffs Hipster's jacket, and get's caught by Cosette.  She tells her a story that basically ends with helping her get Hipster, because she's done with the back and forth crap.

Talia's Old Man broke his ankle and she's upset, and it turns out that Sutton doesn't want her to marry her.  Turns out Talia wants to be married, and she's pregnant.  She runs off to get married.

Melanie is still taking pictures, and Jock boy is still making stupid remarks.  I guess this guy is friend's with her brother, and he asks her out.  She can't think of a reason why not.  Talia and Sutton make up and went to get married.

Sutton throws down the condom gauntlet.  Then just walks away.  That starts a talk about how Boo is on the pill, but she's not having sex.  They are aghast and her responsible mother I guess.  ABC Family seriously has it's priorities out of wack.

The fire is out, and Sutton considers using the condom with Godot as he walks in with the other firemen who put out the fire, leaving everyone and their property safe. 
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