Monday, February 4, 2013

Bunheads: Take the Vicuna

Vicuna is an animal that looks like a llama mated with a baby giraffe or a Dikdik.  No, seriously;

The whole opening scene is Ginny (yeah, I'm dropping the Blondey for now) is obsessing about not knowing about Cleosmacktra's new hobby.  They are all dancing in practice during this scene, and I actually drifted off to that because it was all rehashing last week anyway.  Fanny tells them a wonderful story of how she once tried to have a conversation at practice, and she got fired from the job.

We have a filler scene of Sasha going grocery shopping and trying to be a grown up, and then go right into the site where the Millicent Stone Performance Center is going to be.  Millie is on the phone about rent, and they argue with the contractors about making the stage bigger.  Millie throws around her money and Fanny makes fun of Sutton's shirt.  Fanny takes advantage of Millie's generosity to get ushers and new outfits, and Millie gets the Chorus Line line that "Everything is beautiful at the ballet."

Sutton and brother are getting ready for a road trip that to an undisclosed place that is "sort of like" Burning Man, which leads to the hilarious "Who is this man?  Why are we burning him, did he have it coming?"  Sadly, her brother finds out that their road trips were all fake things made up by her mother, and in fact Don McLean did not play his birthday party when they were kids.  There's a little heartbreak there.  For him, because dude he's old.  I'm not entirely sure the target demographic knows who he is.

Sasha has a huge to do list for her new apartment, and lack of a credit card is really slowing her down.  After getting off the phone she asks if anyone knows where a bank is.  Ginny keeps whining about Cosette knowing everything about Melanie.  It pissing me and Sasha right off.

Sutton is making Fanny look up all the bathrooms along the interstates so she can figure out where her brother is taking her.  Turns out opening yourself up to new experiences is a good thing, because that's how Fanny ended up liking Woodstock.  Sutton wanted to know how the bathroom situation was there, but doesn't get an answer because her phone rings.  It's Sasha from upstairs telling her to check the mail for an invitation to her housewarming party, because Sutton never checks the mail, or her smelly dance bag.

Millie comes in and wants a backers meeting, and Fanny is pissed, but Sutton tells her to just let it go and she can feel free to just watch.  Fanny takes advantage of the situation yet again, and has Millie order sushi so it can be like a real backers meeting.

Sasha comes downstairs and her Dude is waiting wanting to know why Sasha is blowing him off.  She says she's busy but she will text him.  Fanny tells the class to welcome Millie, and then Millie proceeds to drag her chair to the front.  They dance, and Millie starts giving her notes, which are so silly and infuriating that Fanny loses her mind on her, and Millie stomps off to call her lawyers.

Sutton and her brother come into a Martha Stewart party.  There is a cheerleader making Ginny feel small, and Sutton scares the crap out of Sasha by warning her about home invaders.  Sutton's brother thinks it dangerous that Sasha looks up to Sutton.

The bunheads want to make Sasha's place their hang out, but their parents have other plans.  They can really only hang out during the day, so I'm not sure why it was brought up in the first place.  Sutton leaves, but not before warning her about how little old ladies are con artists and not to trust them.  She proves to be right later.  Sutton asks her brother about this trip, but he's still not talking.

Fanny has invited over Millie for a pow-wow.  Fanny eats crow, but also tries to explain how the theater process works.  Millie thinks people don't like her because she has money, when it's really because she's a horrible person.  She wants to be considered knowledgeable in the arts, but Fanny finally figures out that she just wants people to think she knows the arts.  She makes a deal with Millie that she will tell people she knows the arts, and Millie will butt out of the creative process.

Sasha is feeling overwhelmed as she ushers out the old lady, but then her Dude knocks on the door.  He's feeling a little jilted, but she explains that she was scared about him coming over to her house.  He doesn't understand what a sex palace is, but they argue until they decide on next week to date.

Sutton wakes up on the road, and her brother tries to get her to go back to the car, because the mother she is trying to avoid is sitting in the diner.  Her mother has a 35 year old boyfriend, is buying a condo, and is making an album.  Mom needs Scotty to sign off on his guardianship to her in order to get rid of her house.  It's convoluted, and no one, including Sutton, cares.  I guess that was all he really needed to do, so he drops Sutton off at her guest house.  Sasha is sleeping on her couch, promising to sleep at her own apartment tomorrow.
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