Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bunheads: There is Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit

Sutton is teaching ballet when the mechanic from GG and the guy who owns the dance store come in and bicker, as well as let her know that the meeting is set up for the silly HOA type club to approve the new theater.  Also, her Vegas friend Talia is coming into town with news.  I bet she is marrying the old man.

Yes, this is a joke.

The Surfers United Retirement Fund is raising money at the Oyster Bar, and Carl saves the girl's the tiny menu and gets burgers from next door.  Ginny is still complaining, and Melanie is going all butch on not wanting a date for prom, when Cosette comes up with skating pictures for Melanie.  We get it, Ginny feels left out.  It's been like 3 weeks of this.

Millie sneaks into the dance studio and scares the crap out of Sutton.  She's up in arms over the HOA type group meeting, convinced that they will come up with a reason to shut down the theater.  Millie carpooled with The Edge for awhile.  Then she screams at some kids, calling for a pre-meeting to end their meeting problems.

The Dude, aka Roman, comes to take Sasha to school and take their relationship public.  It involves having lunch with the bunheads, which requires explanation.  Also finding better conversation topics so as not to make everyone sleepy.  It's still awkward.

Millie is "information gathering" and getting Sutton into a pantsuit, which looks so bad.  They are doing this strange thing where they talk to people off camera, where Talia talks about how she's very back and forth about marrying the old dude, but she said yes.

Roman is still having a hard time with the girls, and Carl comes by and decides to sit down since lunch is no longer an all girl affair.  That causes Ginny to go over to ask Hipster boy to join the table, but he doesn't acknowledge her, and the bell rings to go back to class.

Sutton is teaching class and urging Tinkles from Glee to go faster to finish class early.  Melanie asks if Ginny will be her cheerleader for derby tonight, Ginny is still pissy.  Sutton kicks them all out and starts the meeting.  The group is upset that they are cutting down trees to make the stage.  It's ludicrous, and goes on and on until Millie says how its' going to go down.  Sutton goes upstairs to the dressing rooms to find Ginny doing her homework.  Ginny asks her to help with school auditions.

Talia comes out of the shower to a phone call from the guy who used to park cars at Crazy Horse Paris when Talia worked there.  Reality Check; Crazy Horse Paris is/was at MGM Grand, didn't have it's own parking, and the girls that worked there were actually from the show in Paris at the real Crazy Horse.  Try again Talia...and writers.

Anyway, Talia is offered Rock of Ages, the New York show, not the Vegas strip version.  She feels as if she can't go because she just got engaged.  It gets weird.

Ginny is waiting for Sutton to practice her stuff for Bells are Ringing.  Sutton is hung over and babbling.  It's a little awkward.  Ginny begins her song, and the Theater Nerd in me is sad because I don't actually know this song.  Either way, Sutton is actually pretty hard on Ginny, then starts actually upstages her.  Ginny gives up and sits down in Sutton's chair in awe.  It was really good, but Sutton is an actual Broadway singer.  So, ya know.  Ginny says she's wonderful, Sutton is happy and starts to walk out before realizing this isn't her audition.

Ginny paces outside the stage door, until Hipster actually makes her go in.  Everyone is happy for her as she walks into ballet practice, and she actually gets an overdose of self confidence until Hipster shoots her down.  It makes her strike out at Cosette, who in turn shoots her down for a chance with her brother.

Sutton walks in to
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