Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bunheads: "You Wanna See Something?"

You know what?  I'd rather be recapping Catfish.  I'm not kidding, that show is awesome.  But it has nothing to do with Vegas.  Or Henderson hookers.  So let's just forget about liars in online relationships and stick to dancing!

Previously, she married Hubble, he died, she tried to help the dance studio, she maced the kids.

We open with Fanny watching a tape of Sutton (Yes, she's still not Michelle in my eyes) teaching the kids a routine.  It looks like Fanny is standing in a room full of boxes, like she's the one leaving.  FORESHADOWING!

Truly falls into the house with a great plan for Fanny's new kitchen, and leads her to a cardboard box with a giant Dollhouse kitchen with electricity.  This leads Fanny to exclaim how sad she is.

Blondey (nope, name not remembered) has taken over for her mom and is helping with realty on a foreclosure that is "priced to sell" aka a piece of crap.  She calls Boo, who is helping (brand new I guess, wasn't she an only child?) brothers, and her mom is pregnant again, and is thrilled to be on bed rest.  She won't be once she realizes her husband canceled cable.

Melanie (had to look up her name) gets a call from Boo about "the package" which she has.  She's taking care of her grandpa in a wheelchair at the Oyster Bar.

Truly is trying to convince Fanny to go to Germany to buy a fridge when she mentions how sad the studio is, with all the boxes and dust and police tape, and apparently there is nothing more scary than a canoe.  That's creepy enough for Fanny to kick Truly out, and look forlornly at the guest house, which we assume is empty.

We come back from commercial to the famed, and imaginary, Henderson Casino where a lounge act is failing with Sutton doing the backup dancing.  She couldn't get her old job back?  You'd think they'd be okay with it.  She's living with her friend Talia (thank you IMDB) and she just came home from dancing at Cleopatra's Barge in Caesars Palace, which is real.  Sutton comments on how sad that is, and seeing as how it's a dinky little bar and not a place to actually dance, I'm agreeing with her. 

There are many old jokes about Talia's boyfriend, but Sutton shuts up when presented with the leftovers from Birkitt & Sons Steakhouse, also fictional.  Sutton is upset about her Hendo gig, and says "Henderson is Rob Snider to Vegas's Daniel Day Lewis."  There are also jokes about how Henderson Hookers are really just Laughlin Hookers passing by.  I would have to agree, seeing as how I have no idea where the Henderson Hookers would actually hang out.  Water Street?  Talia is working on getting Sutton back to the good gigs.

Melanie and Blondy are at the Oyster Bar complaining about having to take gym as Fanny comes in and says hello.  Sasha is still at Joffrey.  Blondy gets a Blonde joke, and they get caught eating crappy food.  She takes away the food and said that Sutton is fine.  Boo runs in about a horrible video that is up about Sutton macing everyone.  Someone has auto-tuned Boo to hilarity.  Sutton sees it and Talia says that of all the things she's done, this is the first to go viral.

Bunheads sans Sasha are in Boo's kitchen talking about the video, her mom comes in to bitch about staying in bed, and then leaves.  Bunheads remind Boo about the package, and she lets Sasha out of the broom closet.  Seems that she never went to that school, she's just sleeping in everyone's broom closet.  This is so not helping the lesbian rumors on Tumblr.

Henderson Casino, 2 Shakes of Stardust is the name of the show, and the showroom looks like how Laughlin is described. Sutton cops an attitude with the "magician" and gets downgraded to just clapping instead of holding the bird.  Seems the other girl is his wife, and they go off to have a nice dinner, because she claps.  It's weird.

Sutton goes home to Talia's boyfriend's hummus, and complains about the bird holding thing.  Talia's boyfriend is a little less than understanding, says some mean things, and someone is playing the video outside to humiliate Sutton further.  This show LOVES kicking a person when she's down.

Fanny has new curtains up that Truly picked out, and some new couches.  Fanny pops in the wedding DVD from Hubble.  Sutton goes off to pee and Hubble tells the cameraman how awesome Sutton is.  We know Hubble.  Also, it's good to see you.

2 Shakes of Stardust at the Henderson Casino (It could SO be a real thing, but it's not) has Fanny as an audience member.  They quibble, and Fanny says she saw the wedding video, and they are family and she could just come home.  More angry talk while Fanny berates the waiter for the inability to make a drink.  She drops the wedding video off and leaves.

After another BB Cream from Maybelline commercial, Melanie is watching her Grandpa when Sasha walks in like she's A from Pretty Little Liars.  No one can house her, she needs to go home.

More Hubble Video!  He predicts that Fanny will love Michelle more than Hubble eventually.  He describes the best of Sutton's character.  It's heartwarming.  I didn't tear up, but give it some time, we are easing back into the show.

Sasha breaks into Sutton's guest house to stay, and a guy with way too much guyliner follows shortly after.  I guess she did actually go to Joffery, it just ended and she didn't want to go home.  I guess he's the guy from the hospital in the last episode, although how we are supposed to remember after that much time since the last show is weird. 

Sutton comes in at that moment, and Sasha runs right up to her and hugs her.  Sutton tells Guyliner to hit the road, and tells Sasha it's okay to crash there tonight.

Sutton comes into the dance studio and Fanny wants her opinion on a dance.  Truly walks by with blonde hair for a fleeting moment, and there is a dance to the auto-tune video that Fanny thinks is a hilarious joke, and Boo is still sorry about, but it's going to be awhile before Sutton forgives her.

Next week some fancy-pants dancer is there, for no reason at all except for more funny lines.

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