Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bunheads: "Channing Tatum is a Fine Actor"

No previously, just straight into Sutton teaching a tap class.  She gets a speech about not mentioning Donald O'Conner and a flash mob inside Nordstroms, which...they don't have a movie theater, but they have a Nordstroms?

After class she shuts off the light, and it turns right back on to Sasha sneaking in with her guy.  Sutton puts a kibosh on the hookup and invites Sasha over for leftovers.

After ballet practice, Talia sets up Sutton with a "younger" fuzzy haired man named Marion.  Upstairs Boo is upset that she had her beautification system interrupted by Carl, who comes back early from camp.  She's upset that she couldn't go home and get her bath bomb going on so she was pretty for him when he arrived.  They establish nothing happened in the last 6 weeks except that Boo went to see Magic Mike twice.  They have plans for meeting the parents on Thursday, and Carl made her a bow and arrow because she likes the Hunger Games so much.

Truly comes in to say that she's in trouble, because she doesn't have a lease in her store, and she's been locked out.  Sutton goes off on how she has a dream about that, only it's her kind of apartment.  Truly thinks that is totally sexual, but still wants a hug for some reason, and is it just me or did they just totally change her character there?  Old Truly wouldn't want a hug, or ask Sutton for any help.  She also has too much makeup on.   Either way, Sutton says it's okay to keep her stuff there.

Bunheads actually at school, Melanie is reading and talking about book burning.  A couple drives up in a Vespa, with a girl in yellow riding side saddle and carrying flowers, making an impression but no explanation is needed.

Truly knocks on Sutton's door far too early in the morning (though it is full light out) and brings in a client who is looking at the Fall line, and it obviously gets a little uncomfortable seeing as how the clothing is in the middle of the room by the bathtub.  Which also keeps sitting in the middle of the room.  So weird.

Back at school the Bunheads find out that YellowGirl speaks French.  And Japanese.  Blondey stops by the door of the music room to stare at the boy who was driving the motorcycle.  Boo confirms to Sasha that their names are Cossette and Franky, and they both like to change clothes...in the middle of the hallway.  I'm not sure where it's going.

Boo serves Sutton fresh fried chicken and they exchange dating advice.  Sutton tells her to not be herself,  and gives her a watch so she can get out at the 90 minute mark.

Cut to dinner with the parents at a Chinese restaurant, and I forgot he was Jewish and they have to cover every stereotype on this show.  Not that this Jew doesn't love Chinese, but seriously show?  He looks Italian, you couldn't just go out for some pasta?  Besides, it's not Christmas.  His parents order more food and there is awkward when it comes to pork, which is a no no for the Jews, so what's up with that?  Carl's mom tries to guess her background, insults skiers, famous ballerina's, and the 90 minute mark happens and she bails, listening for awhile for some lovely Jewish ffamily conversation, and now suddenly I feel terrible for anyone I ever invited to dinner.

Sutton comes home to see some sort of party happening in her guest house, and says "What is going on in there?  ...I'm not talking to myself dude, have any idea?"  and Sasha's boyfriend comes out the bushes and has no idea, then scrams.

It appears that Truly is having her Fall Fashion open house with wine and basically has opened up shop.  She no longer has plans to talk to her old landlord.  Sutton tells her to set up a meeting because she is not okay with her house being turned into a shop.  Then sells one of her own lamps to a customer.

Boo is talking with the Bunheads about how Carl said he wanted to marry her to his parents.  Sasha asks if they've had sex, and an 8th grade pack gets brought up where they were going to tell each other.  I'm shocked they aren't all still virgins.

They get distracted by the new kids in town, and Blondey approaches the guy to talk.  He seems to be a hipster artist and has drawn the bunheads, after shooting off a load of crap that I guess she's supposed to find attractive.  High School girl's are so easy.

Carl is having dinner with Boo's family, and we see her dad for the first time, who is watching TV.  Mom is off bed rest and onto bench rest making bad paella.  Then they are watching one of Boo's brothers dance in a cowboy outfit.  Carl is being great about the fact that her dad might or might not have fallen asleep on the toilet, when Boo freaks out about the whole marriage thing.  He says he was being dramatic, not literal.  They work it out though, and Carl is totally in a Cary Grant kind of moment.  They are adorable.

Oyster Bar, Truly and Sutton are waiting for Millie, the landlady who just happens to be Paris from Gilmore Girls, and is also Truly's sister, which is super obvious from the way that she spoke coming in.  I wonder if she's relishing the fact that she gets to be a little different while still being exactly the same character.  They talk about how Truly borrowed money from their mother to start the business, while giving Millie nothing.  Sutton sends Truly off to try and tug at the heartstrings of Millie.  Millie says Truly stole her boyfriend once, and she'll never forgive her for stealing Hubble away.  It gets awkward fast, and it looks like Truly is staying for awhile.

Bunhead are outside rehearsal talking about the brother and sister couple again, then go in to find Cossette dancing circles around, and Sasha is threatened of course.  Otherwise this girl is totally unremarkable.  Or she was on SYTCD.  Blondey sits down and a paper airplane falls into her lap.  Hipster Artist has drawn her a picture of the castle they talked about in Bavaria.  Of course it also comes with a note that says "Destroy This" because his artwork is too cool to exist.

Later in the night Sasha is in the darkened studio texting her boy toy Roman (at work...does he have a work phone and a regular phone?  Fancy) to come over, but then hears someone come in and tells him to abort!  It's Sutton, who says she cut the date short with scary Marion.  Sasha's mom finds her and says to her that they are getting a divorce, he's moving out to San Jose, and her mom is moving back to LA.  She's got a choice, she can go with her father or mother, but she's gotta move.  She says she is not leaving, but it doesn't look like she really has a choice.  Although, with this being Amy of Gilmore Girl's fame, I'm guessing there is a grandmother that comes out of the woodwork and let's her move in for awhile.  We find out next week!
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