Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bunheads: I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky was the Mob's accountant.  I had to look that up.

Fanny and Sutton gear up for another accountant meeting.  Basically they are losing money and joking about panning for gold.  That's not a euphemism. 

Sex Ed class for Melanie and Blondey, while the new kids are holding court and making them jealous, and then they walk into a scene from Pretty Little Liars, where Melanie's brother breaks up with his girlfriend.

Sutton and Fanny reward themselves with having no money by stopping by a candle stand on the side of the road, on their land.  They decide that the land should be made into an area to have picnics, and an outdoor amphitheater. With what money, I don't know.  They must be pulling from the same endless fund as the couple from This Is 40.

Melanie's brother is all sadness and gives her the keys to drive to ballet, where they all bitch about the new girl, who I'm only going to refer to as SYTYCD.  She has her own solo while dancing around Truly's items that somehow ended up in the studio rather than Sutton's guest house.

Sutton comes in with the perfect place for the amphitheater.  Bunheads tell her that Godot is back, and she should go slut it up down there.  SYTYCD and Brother sign to each other, and the Bunheads are afraid she's taking over.  And that's she's A.  Oh wait, that's Pretty Little Liars again.  I'm having a hard time keeping track.

Sutton and Fanny get their accountant to say "loany thingy" and calls them Judy and Mickie.  Oh the references.  Sutton decides to take a business class, as if it will solve all their problems.  Then steals the accountant's pens.

Melaine's brother's friend and Melanie have a conversation about how her brother is heart-broken.  Yawn.

Sutton has signed up for a junior college course and uses business terms, then they have a whispered conversation about using the bathroom.  Then Sutton gets a phone call, and her high school degree is sort of...none existent. 

Melanie and Blondey bitch in the hallway until she comes upon her brother's now ex-girlfriend, pulls her ponytail until she's on the floor, and then keeps on walking.  A total PLL move.  It's warping into the same show.

Oyster Bar trivia night, Sutton comes in whoring it up.  Millie, who owns the trivia machines, says to be careful with it.  Sutton teams up with the mechanic from Gilmore Girls and there are jokes about Sutton dropping out of high school.  She gives up to make eyes and talk to Godot.  Godot has a masters in Oceanography.  Of course he does.  She's back to feeling stupid.

These Pretty Little Liars commercials aren't helping.

Sutton complains to the accountant who is trying to enjoy his drink and trivia.  She doesn't get it.  She approaches Millie to sell some land for the amphitheater, but she decides to go in on that anyway.  SYTYCD invites HulkMelanie to Roller Derby.  Truly says going into business with Millie would be a bad idea, and I agree.

Bunheads sans Boo go to Sasha's house and they freak over the packed up house.  Her mom comes and kicks everyone out and says she has to decide where she wants to go by tomorrow, or she can stay for 2 weeks until Escrow closes.  Sutton comes upon Sasha who is breaking down about being handed over the keys.  Sutton wants to get her a drink.  Now the show is turning into Melissa and Joey.

Dance Sequence with Sasha being moody.  I guess Boo had the episode off.  It's kind of sad, that her parents don't care about her that much.

Next week looks like a normal episode, but Voice Over Guy makes it seem dramatic.  We shall see!
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