Monday, December 17, 2012

Nevada State Museum @SpringsPreserve is what a Museum Should Be

A few weeks ago my Mom came into town to visit, and since she's seen all the normal touristy sites, we decided to check out the Nevada State Museum.  It's included in the price of going to Springs Preserve, which isn't too expensive if you are already a local, around $10.00.  If you aren't a local it's going to set you back around $18.95.

When you first walk in you see a giant mammoth skeleton, which is impressive all on it's own.  It's so rare that you get to actually experience how big those things were, and this is a perfect place to experience that.  It starts at the beginning of Nevada's history, and winds you along the museum explaining everything from animals (with taxidermy examples) to geological rocks native to the state.  My dad used to be a geologist, so it was fun seeing rocks in a museum that we had hanging around our backyard all our lives.

There was a perfect ratio of information to read, displays and interactive things to play with. I feel like Museums should have the same feeling of walking out of an amazing movie.  You have something to discuss with enthusiasm as you get into your car on the way home, or to go eat.  You get to bring up how you didn't know that the Culinary Union strike had such a massive impact on how Vegas is today.  You get to marvel at how elaborate the showgirl outfits were, and be amazed by Liberace's piano in their special Vegas Style exhibit running now through May of next year.

After the disappointment of pretty much all the other museums in Vegas that I've been to, I was so happy that this gem has finally come along.  Leave it to Springs Preserve to make me happy to go somewhere yet again!
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