Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm a Culture Snob: San Diego's Sea World

A few weeks ago the Neon Beast and I took a trip to San Diego.  Because it had been a long time, we choose the typical route of a San Diego trip; San Diego Zoo and Sea World.

We only had one overnight stay, so we drove up early and hit Sea World right away.  Growing up a bit farther north, I expected the same things I had growing up at Marine World Africa USA.  It's now know as the Six Flags in Vallejo, but it was the closest thing we had to fun field trips when I was a kid. 

One of my favorite shows was the Killer Whale, or Orca show.  I remember the Orca's being the finale, but first there were dolphins, sea lions, and....get this...education.  They actually taught you in the show all about the animals that were being presented.  I expected more of the same at Sea World, though I'd never been there.

First we got there to sit behind the splash zone, seeing as how it was so humid there we were already in the splash zone. I know, I'm so from Nevada.

I noticed they had a nice big screen, with "text this to see your name on the screen" games;

Everything looked pretty good, except for they played a video longer than Titanic that was basically a lot of tree hugging save the oceans nonsense.  I guess they got a lot of flack for animals in captivity, so they are making more of an effort to appear friendly.

Finally the show started and the whales came out!

That was in real time.  The Shamu Show was less than 20 minutes long, with no voice over telling us how much they weigh or how high they can jump.  Just a few jumps out of the water, and then the "Splash Zone" got their soaking to the extreme, and then the show was over.

I was so disappointed at the show that it colored the rest of my day.  Looking back, the rest of the park was nice enough and fun and informative with their little signs.  It did look a little worn down, but it wasn't dirty, and everyone working there was perfectly nice.

But it was hot and humid all day, and I didn't learn a single new thing about Orca's.

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