Tuesday, September 18, 2012

101 Things to Do with Husband...in Vegas

So, you know how the whole "adding in bed to your fortune cookies" thing goes?  I find myself doing that with "in Vegas" sometimes.  A friend posted an article called 101 Things to Do With Your Husband, and I found myself adding things that would make it more "Vegas."  Here are a few of my suggestions;

Plant a favorite garden...by just going down to the Bellagio Conservatory.

Shopping for something new for you and for him...at the Deja Vu Love Boutique.

Picnic on the beach...If you can sneak into Mandalay Beach.

Whale watching...well, no whales here, but you can watch for whale tails on the strip.  Just pick a bench anywhere.

Mini golfing...Mini Kiss Golfing.

Play frisbee...in the club with someone's stray thong.

Head to a local museum...maybe one about the Mob or Atomic Bombs perhaps.  That's normal.

Lay in your backyard and look up at the stars...or just the light shining from the top of the Luxor.

Head to an amusement park...or just to the only ride we have in town that isn't another person.

Plant a tree...if you can find ground you could legitimately dig into in order to plant a tree.

Create a special space outdoors for the summer...wait, outdoors?  In Summer?  Are we building an small casino just for ourselves?  Is this how Steve Wynn started?

Head to the casino...hey wait, this one actually worked!
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