Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bunheads: The Season Finale, and maybe the last recap I'll do

Previously; The whole season.  Basically a Vegas Showgirl gets dropped into a small town and lives with a crazy lady who owns a dance studio.  Wheeeee!

Sutton is preparing Fanny for what she's done with her Nutcracker ballet.  She was in charge of the "evil rat" dance.  It's Mice apparently, and they look like evil lawyers.  Sasha is "standing" in, and call me crazy, but that's not new choreography.   After a long silence, Fanny likes it.  Sasha is back in.  All of Stars Hollow celebrates.

They discuss life, and Fanny talks about going away again, to Montana with her boyfriend.  Fanny gives the okay, but then The Ringer comes in, an amazing dancer that Fanny sort of hired to replace Sasha.

Sutton gets the lowdown on the Charlie/Bilbo Baggins fight.  She makes everything good again and gloats to Sasha, who is still enamored with The Ringer.  She goes downstairs, and Fanny says she has to tell The Ringer that she's not Clara in the Nutcracker as part of her punishment.  Sasha explains to the Ringer that she is fired, or she can have another part, but not Clara.  She's not having it, and basically tells Sasha she's going to force her out.

Fundraiser time!  Nameless bunheads try and be nice to Carl, but still manage to eek out some short jokes.  Mike and Fanny are impressed, Sutton gets half props, and then convinces Boo to make it right.  Making it right includes getting on the mike and embarrassing herself.  But it gets sweet, and it looks like she made it right.  They dance the Fred and Ginger dance to The Rainbow Connection.  Pretty nice cover too.

After the break Fanny is upset because Mike apparently wanted Montana for himself and not for them.  She pulls herself out of it to make the rounds.  After awkward time with the nameless bunheads, Sutton talks to Mike about how Fanny felt.  He says he understands and that he has to go make a call.

A waiter unearths Sasha from her hiding place.  She's managed to lose the Ringer and doesn't want her back.  The waiter names himself as Tyler of Basketball team fame, and he's noticed Cheerleading Sasha.   She's unimpressed. 

Godot approaches Sutton and they have a meetcute convo and kiss a little.  He's leaving for Australia.

Nutcracker rehearsals.  Fanny is angry, taking it out on the dancers.  Little Blonde can't stop talking about Charlie, until she sees a slut flirting with him in his car.  Romance over.

Nutcracker night!  Fanny has crooked lashes, so Sutton pulls out her huge bag, and it sounds like she says Slut Bag, but maybe I'm just hearing what I want to.  She fixes the lashes and tells her it's going to be great.

The truce is off because the nameless bunheads are at war again.  The curtain goes up and everything is great until Sutton uses the wrong spray from her bag and maces everyone. -_-

The Ringer then takes over for newly blind Sasha, but it doesn't matter, because everyone has left.  She dances anyway.

Everyone is in the hospital that looks like a school hallway.  Tyler from the Oyster Bar is there, and he and Sasha have a second meet cute.

Fanny is furious that Sutton ruined the whole show.  Then she says Mike was gone this morning, and Sutton doesn't understand why because she explained everything to him.  Fanny gets even angrier and says Sutton is the bad luck, ever since she got there.  She tells her to stay clear while she deals with the parents.

After the break we go right into Michelle coming into a dark room and handing her music off to Tinkles from Glee before going into her audition.  She sings Maybe This Time from Cabaret.  Afterwards she says "What do you think?"  Hubble says "wow."  She greets him and shows him around the dance studio.  She starts on a spiral dream and wakes up, feeling like she ruined everything.  She gets up and starts to walk out through the hallway with all the blurry eyed dancers.  Sasha sees that she's leaving forever, and gets up on a chair and says "Oh Captain, my Captain" from Dead Poet's Society.  The rest of the bunheads follow suit. 

Sutton is sad, but says "You know at the end of the movie he had to leave anyway right?"  And struts on out.

But, they renewed for a new season, she obviously she'll be back.
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