Thursday, August 23, 2012

#1Month1Holiday...So Soon?

Two weeks ago the most tragic thing happened.  I was walking though Sam's Club with the Neon Beast and I noticed some mallowcreme pumpkins, right next to a giant Halloween display. 

"Oh no," I exclaimed, "I can't believe they are starting even earlier this year.  It's been less than a year that I've blogged about this."

Neon Beast agreed that a full month and a half before the holiday is a little too far to be preparing for a Halloween night. 

But then last week we went to Costco and saw all this;

Read my first post about 1Month1Holiday.  So that you know what I'm saying when I say; SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

Please make other people aware of this and just say no.  They wouldn't put these out for sale if there wasn't someone out there stupid enough to buy it.  Don't be stupid.
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