Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bunheads; Blank Up, It's Time

The description of this episode is just "Michelle finds out Fanny has a boyfriend."  I made this face;

Okay then, let's do this.

The whole beginning is boring talk about school, and how you don't bring Fanny flowers as a welcome back present, especially if they are cheap.

Sutton runs into Michael in Fanny's kitchen, and good ol' Mike is making eggs for breakfast, and it becomes obvious that Mike has slept over, with the robe.  It's all awkward but there is a hilarious "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore" joke that's in there.  Sutton ends up awkwardly grabbing an apple and leaving after admitted she's been a little slutty in the past.

Bunheads are in the dressing room watching Ginger Rogers and wishing they could talk fast like her, as if they weren't in the show they are in.  Fanny wacks the floor three times and they run downstairs.  Adorable Ken from SYTYCD shows up and dances with Sasha, and I'm hoping that's not the last we see of him.  Even if his character seems like a little jerk so far.

Fanny calls everyone over and says that they are fast approaching show season.  One of the girls gushes that she loves show season, and is shushed by a girl standing next to her, who is only there so that Shonda Rimes can calm down.  There is all sorts of things going on, including Nutcracker in August, because then costumes are half off. 

Blondey bunhead asks about the Arroyo Grande Beach Party, and Fanny says it's not happening because they choose to do Cheerleading instead, then loses her shit about it for a minute, before losing her shit on Sasha's tan lines.  Sasha apologizes badly for them, and for that loses the Fred and Ginger dance with Fancypants Ken.  That causes a bit of an uproar, but Fanny barks at them to get to the bar to start.

Fanny gets upset at Sutton for not taking care of the flowers, then tells her that she got tickets for a show in LA called "Blank Up, It's Time", the Blank being some vulgar word they don't want to print on the tickets.  Sutton mentally goes through all the dirty words in her head and deems no word to work with that title.  Fanny tells her that is all the more reason to go and see what the word is.  Sutton asks why she's not taking Mike, and Fanny says he likes musicals but not plays.  Sutton wants to know why she was hiding Mike from her, and Fanny says she wasn't, she just didn't say anything.  Just like she didn't say anything about the marshmallow Vodka, but Sutton found that just fine.  Mike plays piano and travels, so when he's in town they get together and it all works out.  Sutton approves, not that Fanny needs that, and then she calls shotgun on the trip to LA.

Bunheads minus Sasha sneak out of their leadership meeting, to go do something.  Since they don't want Katy Perry squirting things at them in 3D, they are at a loss, but the conversation turns to how angry Sasha is that Boo took her part, even though Fanny gave it to her and Boo didn't do anything.

Sutton and Fanny arrive at the theatre (that's how you spell it when it's live kids) where Sutton is upset that Fanny brought wine in because they are performers and it's like bringing wine to church.  Their seats are in the middle of an already full row, but they get through and are almost there when a women refuses to get up or slide her legs over so that they can get through.  It can't be hard, it's not like Sutton's stick legs take up that much room, but she powers through anyway and Fanny gets mad that she started a fight already.  Sutton says that it's because it's a matinee, and those crowds are different.  They are so not wrong on this, they are totally different.  Before the lights go down Sutton asks about Sasha, she gets caught up on the dramas.

Boo makes Sasha a desert at the Oyster Bar and makes sure she isn't mad at her, then asks why she was out in the sun, because she hates the sun.  Sasha gets mad at her and Boo gets back to work.

It's intermission at Blank Up, It's Time, and from their faces I'm guessing that the playwright was someone in the Beckett family, because the plot makes no sense.  They make a Book of Mormon joke and Sutton applies the Kenny Ortega (I wonder if they cleared using his name for this) when going to the bathroom, she jets in when the 3 minute warning happens before the play gets back.  Why they are powering through this is beyond me. 

The Ortega maneuver didn't work out, because she comes in and the play has started again.  She complains to an usher about everything, who just says she can watch from the back until the next scene change.  Sutton notices either the director or the playwright making notes in the back and talks with him.  He admits that he has no idea what the show is about, hopefully that means he's just the director.

She goes back after the play is over and Fanny thinks she should sleep with the director.  I don't understand where they come from with Fanny sometimes.  She's insane and seems to think that all Sutton's talk actually translate into action.

Back at the studio Mike is telling Fanny that her piano is out of tune, and she calls over Boo and tells her that Ken from SYTYCD is not doing the dance anymore (Bye, Ken, we love you!) and instead she's got to dance with Carl, a kid almost a full head shorter than her. Carl tells Boo he's plotzing, and Boo tells him to go get some water.  Now I feel a little like Shonda when I say "Really?  Jewish stereotypes?  Haven't we had enough?"  Boo asks Fanny if she has to dance with the short kid, and Fanny pretty much slaps her around and tells her to suck it up.

Later Mike and Fanny are watching baseball when Sutton walks in and they talk about Kardashian's being a sport.  It's a little obvious that Fanny is not in a casual relationship with Mike when she mentions going out to buy him new socks.

Oyster Bar, Boo is working and Carl is trying to get her attention by calling out "Betina" to her.  She motions that she has to work, bends down to pick something up, and when she stands again he is right in front of her like a serial killer.  He says things have been tense in the "Kramer" household for awhile (Really show?  You named him Carl Kramer?) and that his parents aren't sex, which is creepy.  He really is like an overexcited puppy, but it's not cute, it's off-putting.  I'm sure that we should feel like we are falling for him with Boo, but this isn't working for me.

Fanny and Mike are having food out in the gazebo, and Mike strong arms her into having breakfast.  Sutton asks why they didn't think about marriage.  They did once, but Hubble was 10 and broke his model airplane in anger, so they never talked about it again.  They are comfortable the way they are, and apparently that is that.

Boo is waiting in the studio when Carl Kramer comes in and says he was late because he went to find...celery tonic?  I can't understand what they are saying, but whatever it is Boo loves it, and he knows because Boo said it to someone years ago and he remembered.  Okay, that made me go "awwwe!"  They dance, and Boo is getting used to him.

Sutton's phone rings, and it's Conner, the director.  He cut the joke she suggested, and wants her to see it again.  It's still terrible I bet, but she goes anyway, because she likes him.  Maybe he can get her a role.  Also, they can't be that far away from LA to have gone to that matinee before.  So, why don't they go to LA for everything?  Although, Fanny is crazy enough to leave at 5AM to go to a matinee.

Sutton is taking notes and liking directing the play with Conner.  Next scene she's in bed with him, so I guess she is a raging slut.  They are talking about their acting, she tells him about a great "period" piece she was in, and it comes around to the last time either one of them had sex.  Sutton realizes that last time was with Hubble and starts crying.  Conner says that okay, either that was your Rosebud or your very large telescope, and she cries more and tells him that Hubble is no longer with us.  She realizes she was in shock, and breaks down.  She apologizes for crying after sex, and also gives him a note about the play.

Mike and Fanny are cleaning up after dinner, and Fanny asks him to stay as long as he can this time.  It's a nice moment and I hope there is a cute wedding of those two in our future.

Sutton goes to sit in on a rehearsal, and tells Fanny that she was thinking of Hubble last night and just wanted to let her know.  I understand and don't understand this.  When people say this to me, I just never know how to respond.  I guess it's supposed to be a nice moment like this, but I'm always emotionally stunted or something.  I don't know. 

We've gotten to the point where Boo is defending her new pocket sized friend, and he jokes about how he is a Jew who knows how to make lasagna.  Ha.  Ha.  Boo falls for it though, and she's about to say yes to a night at his house when the two well meaning bunheads step in and say that Boo doesn't even want any of his loser lasagna or his loser night in, because they are just dance partners and nothing more.  Boo admits that cheese does do something bad to her stomach.  He dejectedly walks away.

Sasha walks in with blue hair and dark eye makeup and starts a fight with Fanny.  They yell at and over each other, and then Sasha drops the bomb that she's going out for cheerleading and she can't do both.  Fanny agrees with her, then tells her to GTFO.  I'm going to go ahead and say it, the title is totally Fuck Up Sasha, It's Time.

Next week Boo gets an awkward kiss, things are heating up with Sufer Dude and Sutton, and Sasha is actually going out for cheerleading like an idiot.
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