Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bunheads: What's Your Damage Heather?

You guys, already the name of this is exciting.  Heathers is one of the best movies, and I'm imaging some sort of homage to the movie, which I know in the back of my mind is never going to happen.
But hey, there is Zack from Gilmore Girls.  It's not a perfect trade off, but I'll take it.

Sutton is teaching a few little ones some ballet when someone has to go to the bathroom and....I've seen this before.  This isn't Deja Vu, I've seen this scene before.  Did I watch like, some "first 5 minutes of the next episode" somewhere?  Anyway, one of the little pint sized bunheads has to go to the bathroom, and she instead gets a lecture from Sutton about how Les Mis is 3 hours long, no one gets bathroom breaks, but then realizes she's talking to a child and sends them all off to the bathroom.

Boo is handing the schedule, and also informs her that Fanny updated her Facebook page to say she's staying on vacation another week.  Part of me wonders if she's taking the Edward Herrmann role this time around, popping in and out of the season.  Boo's mom comes in late with fries which Sutton takes from her, and they discuss why there is a pole in the studio.

Boo's mom left her brother in the produce section of the market so they leave, and what feels like an outtake happens with a child running in with a tutu on her head.

Blondey Bunhead has her 8 year anniversary tonight, and they are going to a Food Truck fair in a nearby city.  Boyfriend calls to cancel though, because he's helping her mom, aka her night is ruined.

After a hard dance class Sutton realizes that the ceiling is leaking water in the girls' dressing room and panics and calls Fanny.  Fanny doesn't answer, so she does the whole back and forth they'd have in a message instead, then calls Truly.  She gives her the obvious answer of calling a plumber and then tells her to keep her informed, because "I'm involved now."  Wow. 

So, the plumber is Zack from GG, but his name is Davis and he's wearing an eye patch.  Turns out he's the town joke, no one uses him for an actual plumber anymore, he just "Keeps an eye on things."  That's the whole town's joke.  Apparently the whole town has a bad joke contest every year, and this is what wins.  Okay, I made that up.  The bunheads show up and Sutton says they can change in her guest house and throws them the keys.

Bunheads of course go through Sutton's things, and there are a few day players hanging around, one to just make Shonda Rhimes happy I guess.  She pulls a picture out and states that Sutton used to be a blonde.  Yep, it was on the Tonys, but good looking out.  While they are going through stuff Sasha shows up to say that she didn't get in trouble for last week, in fact she was taken to a spa and got a credit card.  They continue to rifle through her stuff, and Sasha finds the bottom of her showgirl outfit.  Get dressed girls.

Cut to dance classes where Davis and Truly are upstairs distracting from the dancing, and it's kinda funny.  You can cut the sexual tension with a knife between Truly and Davis, but he fixed the problem.  Truly tells her to get fans in their to save the place from mildew.  The bunheads help with a small interlude from the brother that Boo likes, then they go for food at The Oyster Bar, because except for the Surfer Bar, there is no place to eat in town.  They even look alike, so it might be the same place.

Sutton tries to get Boo to eat more than salad  They talk about Fanny's rules, like no walking on sand, and Boo helps various tables even though Sutton tells her she's off the clock.  Blondey Bunhead's boyfriend comes over and is just the cutest damn thing ever, realizes this is a girl's outing and tells her he's going to read over in the corner until she's ready to be driven home.

Sutton then finds out about this crazy since 2nd grade relationship, and commends her on her commitment.  Sutton talks about how she once dated in shifts when she was 16 and how awesome it was.  Then Boo's manager comes over and says that he needs someone tall to get down some pickles.  Sutton tells Boo to hold her ground, she's not working.  Then quickly realizes he's talking to her giraffe-ass and gets up to help him.

Sutton comes home to see a light on in the studio, so she goes upstairs and finds Truly and Davis making out and maybe a little bit more. Sutton finds this hilarious until the leak starts again.  She sets up a garbage can and then falls asleep next to it.  She wakes up the next morning, throws the water out of the can, and goes to her house where the girls are all hanging out even though it's Saturday and there is no class.

Boo is at work and the 2 nameless bunheads are there.  The boyfriend comes by and says he was worried sick about her because she disrupted their schedule.  She obviously got riled by the fact that she's stuck in the relationship and can't have the excitement that Sutton had.  He follows her into the bathroom and they continue to fight.

Sutton goes over to Truly's to talk about the whole messing around with Davis thing, and asks Truly if she's uncomfortable with the whole one eye thing.  Because she once was involved with a guy with a peg leg from the Treasure Island show.  She thought it was a prop.  Of course she did.  Truly says she feels like she's cheating on Hubble.  Sutton points out how crazy that sounds, and everything is good. 

Back to the studio where Sutton has a comically large key ring with millions of keys on it, trying to open the door.  Sasha happens by and walks upstairs to the dressing room but Sutton stops her and says that she's wearing her shirt.  She knows because she was given that shirt by Ziegfield the night that Roy was eaten by their lion.  Sasha never admits that she stole it, just takes it off and throws it to her, then heads back upstairs.

Sutton is teaching class when Sasha comes in late, which is stupid because she was the first one there.  Sutton brings her up to the dressing room and asks if her legs are broken because she's late.  She utters the very line of the episode and Sasha is clueless to it's reference.  Sutton tells her she better learn it because she's pretty much Heather Chandler.  She gets pissed off because Sasha forced her to be a disciplinarian.  Sasha whispers that she doesn't have a beef with her, but basically she says that if she isn't downstairs with her  hair in a bun in 15 minutes she doesn't ever have to come back.

After class brown haired nameless bunhead's brother comes and they argue, and Boo's mom is on time for once.  Then Blondey bunheads mom comes in angry at Sutton because her daughter broke up with her boyfriend of 8 years.  Sutton kinda falls apart, and Boo's mom comforts her.  She tells her that the kids love her, and she has a great influence on these girls.  And I kinda love her for it.

Crazy Brother wants to know what's up with Blondey.  She fills him in on the Since Kindergarden Breakup.  She says she's hot and says to talk him up to her.  Boo is heartbroken, but does.  Blondey is kinda overexcited about it, saying there are all those amazing people she can date, and she's super happy.  Boo is heartbroken, and now mad at Sutton.

Kids today.

Next Week; Fanny is back, has a sex friend, and throws a newly blue haired Sasha out of her studio.  Finally.
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