Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bunheads; Movie Truck

Previously; Sutton came to town, Sasha's dad is gay, Fanny wants Sutton to teach.

This time; Fanny actually locked the door to the studio and the girls can't get in to warm up.  Sutton asks what's up, she gets the low-down, and says maybe it's a test to see how much they want to dance.  She then goes and knocks on the door and yells "Fanny" and Sasha says "Oh gee, calling out, we should've thought of that!" dripping with Sarcasm.  Sutton warns her that snark like that will get her a dirty girl sitcom on NBC.  Take that, 2 Broke Girls.

Sutton leaves to go find Fanny, who is not there, but her girly book club is, debating over 50 Shades of Grey.  Truly didn't read it.  Sutton makes fun of Truly, telling her that she's hanging with the nickle slots crowd.  THAT is the Nevada humor I'm looking for.  Stick to that, show.

Fanny has flown the coop, to have a spa weekend.  Sutton can teach.  Sutton is pissed, because he birthday is that weekend and friend/showgirl Talia is driving Sutton's car down and they are doing a road trip weekend.  Fanny basically makes fun of Sutton for even pretending to care about her birthday like an 8 year old wearing a tiara.  She also installed a pole for strip-tease cardio that came with a DVD so she can teach other people.  Sutton reluctantly starts class.

Cut to bunheads at the Oyster Bar, because everyone loves hanging out at work on their days off.  They are trying Calamari and making plans for a movie.

Cut to Sutton trying out the pole to hilarious fail.  She even makes a hilarious "Make it Rain" joke.  She does a handstand to the back of the pole and Talia shows up with a joke that she leaves Vegas and ends up on the pole.  Talia gets caught up on the non-road trip, and she decides they'll take Paradise by storm anyway and seems okay with everything.  I really like Talia.

Talia says quiet is a nice change, and they stumble upon Sparkles, Truly's store.  Talia is taken by the duck dresses and loves the crap out of the store.  When Truly shows up and says that she'll alter anything for free Talia declares the place a gold mine and says they have a lot of trying on to do before tonight.  Truly asks what tonight is, and Talia tells her it's Sutton's birthday.  Silence from Truly.  "I will have a happy birthday, thank you Truly!"

Talia and Sutton talk about Sutton's top 5 birthdays, #2 is a kiss from George Clooney.  Truly wants so badly to be in that she actually says that she'll be their dog.  I feel so bad for her, and Sutton says they have to change the whole Truly package before they go out.  Looks like Truly is sewing up something new for tonight!

The bunheads come up to Sasha's door to hear her parents screaming at each other.  They stand outside awkwardly and at one point Mom throws and breaks a Jonathan Adler piece.  This is a super big deal because that's one of the only sculpture designers I know.  He's good.  And pricey.  One of them texts Sasha to get the door and they run in.  Boo greets them as Sasha's dad is getting throw pillows thrown at his face.  Mom yells "Who needs this many throw pillows?!?"  And the gay jokes keep on coming.

They are upstairs getting ready waiting for Sasha's parents to stop fighting so they can leave for the movie, when Charlie, the blonde bunhead's boyfriend comes in with adorable little pink bags with snacks and fuzzy socks for the movie.  He even put apples in Boo's bag instead of cookie dough.  Now I'm worried he's gay.

Cut to Sparkles where Truly feels like a slut in her new outfit, and she actually looks like they are girls out for a night in Vegas.  An ABCFamily night in Vegas, but still a night in Vegas.

Bunheads are at a carnival and Boo's eyebrows are a hot mess.  They get into the theater and meander and try to find people to move so they can have seats together.  Somehow Boo ends up with a child, and sitting next to the guy she likes.

Charlies Angels end up at the carnival but sees the movie is sold out.  They sneak into the back to watch the movie.  Boo is flirting shamelessly with her crush, and it turns out Truly has some booze, and they are sadly watching a horror movie called "Mountain of Arms."

They get drunk pretty quick, but Sasha needs to leave because her house alarm goes on at midnight.  They need to book it because it's 11:55 and Boo is flirting with her crush and ended up getting the wrong number on her arm.  She needs to just wait for Godot.

Sutton, Truly, and Talia are drunk and thinking they should walk home, or just take their shoes off.  Truly yells that the night is not over, and there is a cupcake ATM in LA that dispenses all kinds of cupcakes.  She admits that she spit all the booze back in the bottle and she's stone cold sober, which means they can go for cupcakes.  Sutton is grossed out that she's drunk off of Truly's backwash.

Bunheads don't make it, and now the alarm is activated.  Sasha gets on top of the car to try and jump into her window, and ends up falling through the soft top.  Total rookie mistake.  At least the blonde one got it on video.

Dawn is approaching, and Sutton is still a little drunk and saying this should be in the top 10.  Talia still likes it in Paradise, and they make plans for next year, which I guess means she's planning on staying.  She has a sad thought that she should've been married here, and now she's a little lost.

The bunheads wait it out until 6am when the alarm goes off, then go inside to find Sasha's dad on the couch.  He's despondent, maybe due to the rumor that his lover is moving away and they'll never be together.  Whoever this day player, he's good, because it's the first time I tear up all episode.  At first Sasha seems to be sad for him, then just spits out that she snuck out and ruined her Mom's car, then goes upstairs.

We end on a dance with Sasha and two other girls that I guess is supposed to symbolize something, but I have no idea what it is.  Fill me in?

Next Week; Sutton is still teaching, and hates it.
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