Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bunheads; Money for Nothing

Sutton wakes up to a possum in her bed.  I don't know what the deal is with possums lately, but I always think of this commercial;

She calls up Fanny to say that there is something in her bed.  Fanny tells her to give it cab fare and send it on it's way, but she corrects it's an animal and not a man with whom she had a one night stand.

She snaps a picture and Fanny tells her it's a possum, which is basically a really big rat.  Fanny hangs up saying she's coming to save her, and the possum does the same hissing thing and I scream out loud.  Let me never know the presence of a possum.

Sutton comes in looking for a snack to get the possum out of her guest house, and finds Truly and Fanny doing a "paying season" of bills that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  Sutton isn't too thrilled either.  Fanny has three hat boxes, the getting paid, might be getting paid, and never getting paid.

Boo has gotten a summer job at The Oyster Bar that has an ass of a high school senior as her manager that makes her crush down the garbage in the dumpster, then ask if she has a boyfriend.  Boo smells after 4 showers and going to Ballet class.  Everyone makes fun of her accordingly.

Sal from the dance store comes to figure out which paying box he's in this paying season, because he hasn't been paid in years, and he's getting to the point where he's going to rip off the kid's ballet shoes right off their feet.  Then there is a whole drawn out thing about Sutton Foster's ass which is actually kind of funny coming out of the actor who plays Sal.

Sutton goes back in to tell Fanny, and finds that all the bills are blowing all over the house in a hot mess because Truly opened the door.  However, Truly opened the door because Fanny wouldn't put the air on, mainly due to the fact that she doesn't want to pay them yet I bet.

Fanny decides to go teach a class and leave this to Truly, who is officially shell shocked.  Sutton decides she's getting a real accountant.

The girls go to be supportive of Boo and eat at The Oyster Bar.  The blonde talks about her boyfriend since 2nd grade, and refuses to look at the hot guy who just came back from somewhere.

Fanny and Sutton act bored at the accountants, who breaks it down as 9 kids out of 75 pay for the classes Fanny teaches.  They need income to pay all these crazy bills.  Sutton has to break it down to Fanny that Hubble isn't there to save them anymore.  Sutton suggests more classes, Fanny suggests Sutton teaches the classes, and she isn't having it at all, and would rather strong-arm the girls into paying for the classes.  She says she's good at this because of that time she was a dancer for Celine Dion, and because I used to work there too I had a laugh.

The girls come back to the Oyster Bar in hot dresses to gawk at the hot guy, and Sutton comes in to bitch about Fanny, then realizes they are all staring at the hot guy, whose name is Godot.  Sutton says "So you are all waiting for Godot?" and the reference flies so far over their heads that she comments "You guys are lucky you have fries."  Sutton gives them the lowdown on how those kind of guys are losers, grabs a handful of fries and shoots Godot the "Hang Loose" sign and gets one back from him before heading out the door.

Sasha goes up to the bar to hit on Godot, and he ignores her like crazy.  She almost yells "Do you like bar tending?"  And he asks if she wants something from the bar.  She tries to order a Shirley Temple, says Temple Grandin, and in the end brings back a couple of cherries.  Very Symbolic Show.

Godot saves Boo from dumpster diving and gives her his shirt, which she comments smells like coconut snickerdoodles.  He's super nice to her, and now even I'm in love with him.

Fanny's class is wrapping up, and Sutton comes into to play bad cop and lays it on sooooooo thick.  We cut to her apologizing on the phone to multiple people.  Fanny brings up teaching again, and brings up that Sutton has done nothing since leaving Vegas, and Sutton gets mad and walks out.

The girls swing by the Oyster Bar to pick up Boo, and she swings out and then back when Godot calls out "Betina," which causes a Boo/Betina confusion.  Boo is getting a CD from Godot with Surf music on it.  Boo blases her way through her budding relationship with Godot, and Sasha is so jealous she can barely drive.

Fanny's ego friendly "paper or plastic" show starts, and it's actually quite funny and the girls are very good dancers despite the fact that what they are dancing is so ludicrous.  Sutton loves it, and Fanny tells her that teaching isn't the end.

Next time, the ABCFamily guy is overzealous in letting us know there is a night that is going to change everything...forever!
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