Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bunheads: Better Luck Next Year!

Previously; Boo wanted to try out, Sasha is a bitch, and Sutton moved into the guest house.

Sutton is yelling at a moving truck that has moved all her stuff from Vegas, only her landlord included stuff that isn't hers, including a buffet that has something creepy.  She's trying to explain it all to Fanny, who tells her in Vegas terms to make it disappear, like David Copperfield.  She tries to pay the moving guy to pack it all up to no avail.

Boo and her mom are at the farmers market, being all Gilmore Girls with each other and talking about food and how it messes with the body.  It's making me hungry, and there is a great Paula Deen reference in regards to Kettle Korn.

Sutton is going through her guest house and finding out quickly that the stove is cold and the fridge is hot.  A gas leak occurred that caused her to go to sleep with the windows open.  Which causes Fanny to come inside and start in on rearranging her many possessions.  It seems like Fanny is peppy for the middle of the night, and their conversation forwards no plot whatsoever.

The next morning Sutton is walking around in her underwear, walks right in front of her bay windows to the Bunheads looking in at her.  Sasha is trying to be nice and make up with Boo, who isn't having any of it.

Fanny, Surfman bar owner and Trudy are talking about making the Joffry audition people happy.  Surfer Wife comes along and they go back and forth on stuff that makes us wonder if they need AA.  Someone calls and says to check her fax machine.  Sutton comes in to ask Fanny if her toilet is on a timer, and Fanny says the canceled on her.  Sutton reads it and it asks about the floor in the dance studio, nothing about holding it somewhere else.  Fanny is furious and that seems to be it.  At Boo's house, she checks the fridge for snacks and sees a big Costco sheet cake that says "Better Luck Next Year!"  Ouch Ma.  Not very supportive of you.

Sutton is attempting to put up a curtain rod over her bay windows/doors, and is having little success.  She walks into the dance studio where the girls are warming up and Fanny is on the phone with a Joffry intern.  They are moving the audition to Ojay, where there was a Samantha Brown Special was held according to Sutton.  Sutton suggests that she just fix the flooring, which Fanny sarcastically says is too much money.  I thought they were loaded?

Boo's pointe shoes are broken, and she's very upset because her mom just bought them 2 months ago and won't be able to buy her another pair in time for the auditions.  Sasha tries to console her, and I think I see Sasha providing the shoes from her rich parents in her future.  Boo is upset about the cake, and yells at Sasha.

Trudy walks into Suttons with the perfect curtains, and with the perfect curtain rods, because apparently she knows what's best for everyone except for herself.  Sutton is excited and asks if there is anything she can do.  Trudy asks for a pen, she doesn't have one.  Sutton brings up how crazy Fanny is being, and Trudy asks if she knows Fanny's story.  Fanny was a prodigy dancer until she fell in love, got married, and had Hubble.  As if that explains why she is always bananas.

Sasha goes into her mom's room, makes sure she is in the shower, and takes money out of her wallet, not enough for a rich person to miss.  Or was it?

We come back from commercial to Sutton auditioning to the camera with a song and dance number.  She's great, and when it's over she asks if they need her to do it again.  The man says no, and she wakes with a start.  Now that she's awake, she goes into the dance studio, where there are pictures of young Fanny and the life she lead before getting knocked up.

The next morning Sutton goes to the hardware store and asks them about fixing the floor.  It eventually comes to money, which seems to be around 2 thousand, which isn't available.  Sutton asks if they have layaway, because back in the day Contempo Casuals used to do that (It's now Wet Seal, to those who care), and they don't fall for it.  She then goes in with the flirting to one of the guys, then the other, to no avail.  She's insulted and goes to Fanny to tell the tale.  She's decided to go to Oxnard and take Fanny with her to find someone to fix the floors.

At school Sasha lies about the new shoes she drops on Boo's desk, saying her dad got them 3 sizes too big, and just to take them and STFU already.  Boo smiles, and I think she has her spirit back.

Fanny and Sutton are driving along, and Fanny says that the best view of Oxnard is in the rearview window. Sutton suggests tweeting that, but neither of them do that, but the old guy who suddenly pops up in the backseat of the car does, because it keeps him in touch with family.  Where the hell did he come from?  He comes into the dance studio and gets to work on the floors, he was the best 4th choice they had.  They knock on Oxnard a bit more, and I'm kinda glad Vegas isn't getting the short end of the stick anymore.  Shit, did I just type that?

After the break, Joffry is there, Ojay is disappointed, and faxing is the big thing I guess.  Boo is excited with her shoes, shows them off to Sasha while they are in line.  Fanny and Sutton have wine while sexual innuendos are made about floor fixing man.  Boo comes over to say she got cut, and Fanny redresses her, twice, to go back in to not get cut.  There is a whole speech about getting her in with another fat chick so she'll be seen.

Boo invites Sasha over for failure cake, and it looks like they are back to being friends.  We are back to Sutton's dream about her audition, only she's bigger this time...I think.  Afterwards she yells if that was alright, and it pans to the director with the failure cake.  She wakes with a start.

Next Week, my DVR cut off, so who knows what happens after?
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