Thursday, June 21, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance; Vegas Week

I wrote about this show last season, so I thought it only fitting to blog about it again.  Vegas Week is the big week for the show, where they narrow 181 dancers down to the 20 people who will actually be on the show.

I paused at the beginning to figure out where on the strip Cat Deely was.  It looked like she was on top of the Eiffel Tower, but somehow they had moved the tower to directly behind Caesars up Flamingo.  Where the heck was she, anyone know?

I joked last season how in Vegas, someone always ends up sucking down an oxygen tank, and not at a cutesy bar either.   Accidents happen, a poor girl gets kicked in the head and ends up strapped to a board and loaded off in an ambulance.  She comes back late and gets cut, maybe because of the injury.  A jump gone wrong sends a dancer flat on his back in the Planet Hollywood Theater lobby.  I've been there, that is a paper thin carpet over concrete.  They really should find a better place for them to be practicing.

Dear Planet Hollywood; can't you put some mats down in a conference room?  It's the least you can do with all the free publicity.

At least this year they told them to hydrate, and no one got diabetes or anything crazy like that.

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