Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bunheads: Inherit the Wind

We pick up right where we left off, with Lawyer Friend (yes, I've totally forgotten his name between last week and this week) telling Fanny and Sutton that all Hubble ever wanted was to be married, so he left everything and the kitchen sink to Sutton.
 Sutton actually mentions good old Whiskey Pete's in Primm, so if you are paying attention to the sanity of it all, they went through Parhump, came back, then drove the correct way to California through Primm.  Was Hubble a little drunk and lost as well on this trip?

Important Plot Point Alert, Hubble was a groom for Halloween, and once a "Sissy" named shut in that Fanny makes it seem like she's insane.  Lawyer leaves and Sutton pours them both a shot.  Fanny just gets up and leaves, so Sutton drinks both shots.

Cut through credits to Sutton having slept on the sofa (the bottle she poured shots out of is now half empty, so she most likely couldn't make it upstairs), and gets woken up by Fanny's many wall clocks.  One of them is a yappy dog that Sutton slaps off the wall, saying "good dog."  Even though everyone brought over food the night before, it's gone and Sutton looks around for food in the kitchen.

The ballet girls are photographing and talking about feet, because there is a contest about the grossest feet.  It comes out that everyone has Sutton's number now.  She's makes a few "I'm an old person" references and goes inside to tell Fanny about the gas stations fantastic bakery section, even though we know she's the only one in town that eats carbs.  She's rewarded with Fanny blaming her for the fact that she's homeless.  It ends with Fanny just saying forget everything, she has a class to teach, and walking out.

One of the girls brings her brother and friend to class, and Boo is not a fan.  It's kind of boring kid stuff.  Jenny's mom (one of the girl's moms I'm guessing) comes over to drop off food that is bad for you, and tells Sutton it must be overwhelming owning all this land and the house.  It comes down to she's a real estate agent and offers to sell it for her.  Turns out there are seven acres, 2 ponds, and a rotten septic tank.  Also a great car that Hubble rebuilt from pieces.  Which Sutton then takes for a ride after a fight with Fanny.  Then it quickly breaks down.

We come back to class where Boo is trying to attract the attention of some guy who slept with a egg sandwich with a week.  Then Sutton gets a tow truck driver who refuses to help her because she's on a private road.  A Sheriff comes and arrests her for being on a private road.  Fanny comes and gets her out of it.  She then strolls up the private road to get permission to get the car towed.

Sasha gets all bent out of shape after class when she finds the girls talking about how much of a bitch she is.  Boo goes after class to her mom's car and they banter about the horrible thing her mom cooked for dinner.  Sasha sees, then get's into the car with her icicle queen of a mom and is miserable.

Sutton gets all the way up the private road and knocks on the door to the house, panting.  There is a nice man who answers the door to the amazing house that looks like an arts and crafts style.    Sutton non-stop talks to Grant about her predicament, while at the same time saying that she played with Manilow once, and he flies home every night he plays in Vegas, because  he likes sleeping in his own bed.  Honestly, I know one of the celebrities who plays Vegas actually does that, but now I'm having a hard time remembering who it was, so she might be right.

Grant calls his chauffeur because he "knows cars" and Sutton never answers the question that she quit dancing.  Instead they talk about home ownership and how crazy Claire (the real estate agent) is.  Sutton is so glad, and Grant tells her to just sell the place, give Fanny a big cut, and go back home to Vegas.  What she says is so freaking awesome I have to just type it here;

"Vegas isn't my home, it's just were I've lived for the last 8 years.  God help me if Vegas is my home.  It's nobodies home.  I told you about Manilow."

Wow.  Truer words were never spoken.  As it turns out, Grant has a date anyway, so they call it short and he drives her back down his autobahn.

Sutton makes it back home to see that Sasha is dancing in the studio, and they share 'getting out of the house' stories.  It's obvious Sasha's parents don't care about her, and that's pretty sad.  Sutton goes back to one of the buildings on the property that looks like a guest house.  She likes it, and I think she's found her new peace area.  She goes back into the house and decants (is that a word?) some wine.  She tells Fanny that she will stay in the house, and Sutton will move into the guest house behind the dance studio.  That's all she has so far, except they are getting very drunk tonight.

Next week, they are canceling the auditions and Sutton is getting them back!

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