Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bunheads: "For Fanny"

So, as it turns out I'm totally falling in love with this show.  So even though it only has the tiniest hint of being related to Vegas, I'm going to recap it.  Chances are with me liking it so early on, it will be canceled soon anyway.

Besides, nothings going on in Vegas right now that I have time to go out and do and write about.  But I'll let you know.

Anyway, last time on the horribly named but awesome show Bunheads, Sutton (I refuse to call her Michelle) the Vegas Showgirl had an audition that went badly, so she married Hubble and met his nutty mother Emily Gilmore, and then Hubble up and died.

We open with Emily (I'll learn her real name soon) coming in, shutting off all the lights in the house, and going to her room, leaving Sutton in the dark.  Sutton goes upstairs and tries to sleep, but instead goes around the room and gets to know more of who Hubble was, and finally watches the sun rise on the beach with some hooch in her hand.

Then we see the credits, which isn't as bad as Gilmore Girls opening credits.  Then Sasha (that's the kid who is above it all and has a gay dad but she isn't 100% on that) is talking about how she wants to manipulate her parents into buying her a car.  The other girl (Mel, the boring one) is reading the paper for her grandfather later.  Then the blonde kid breaks the news to the other girls that Hubble is no more.  There is a funny part where no one says dead, just gives a look.

Sutton comes back from the beach and runs directly into Insanity Fanny (That's her name, good old Emily Gilmore).  Truly comes in as soon as they clear out the fridge and puts in her dish.  "I blame you" Truly abruptly says to Sutton.  Sutton does too.  Rude Truly!  How can I like you when you are mean to Sutton?

The girls pull Boo out of class to tell her that Hubble died, so they are leaving early for a movie with Mark Wahlberg blowing up Paris.  They have to head to the bus stop for the next town over I'm guessing, since this town doesn't have a movie theater.

Fanny is meeting with her friends to organize the memorial, including Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors fame.  The actress is Ellen Greene, and I love the crap out of her, she's adorable.  Sutton moves on from them and goes into the dance studio and shakes out a few showgirl type moves, then feels stupid about it.  It's hard to recap, but she just wants to help, but feels helpless.  A few people come in for ballet class, and Sutton scoots out of there.

The girls run into ballet class 20 minutes late, but of course Fanny isn't there.  Boo is upset that they weren't there for Fanny and went to see a movie instead.  She makes a great Dirty Dancing reference to make sure that Sasha stays away from her.

The girls speak about death and compare notes while Fanny's friends contemplate her sanity while she's on the phone about making Dali Lama napkins.  Sutton comes back and says she brought bagels, to which Fanny retorts "No one eats carbs anymore" which made me laugh more for the TWOP recap last week than anything else.  After she leaves they all snark about her still being there.

Truly is in the house cleaning, but Fanny comes in the house upset that the Dali Lama won't come to the memorial.  Truly gets upset that Hubble is really gone, and Fanny comforts her and it's like Sutton isn't even the room anymore, Fanny is telling Truly that what she and Hubble had was true love and that she can call her mom.  Sutton is done with it and goes for a walk.

She walks by a trailer with an old man sitting in the door.  The man says "Hey...you going for a walk? ...Wanna walk my dog?"  Cut to Sutton walking with the old corgie down the street when she gets a call from Talia the showgirl back in Vegas.  Sutton gives her the lowdown, and after a brief outburst of the bad luck with men, she gets to unload a little bit. Part of me sort of hopes that she gets to have these phone calls often.

Then she walks into a surfer bar and grill with the dog.  The owner, Rico and she snark back and forth.  When he finds out she's the "sex at the party" girl, he gives her another shot of tequila.  Then his wife comes out and repeats the tequila pour.

Sutton gets a phone call from a Sitar player for the memorial, but gets interrupted by Audrey who drives Sutton out of the bar and back to the house to figure out what was going on.  Something about a nude sculpture of found items of Hubble for the memorial. It grosses both Sutton and I out a little bit.

The ballet students are still in the studio, just in case Fanny decides to teach.  Sutton wakes up Fanny and they fight because they are both sad that Hubble is gone and emotional.  Sutton eventually leaves to go outside and Fanny stays crying in the house, where Sasha finds her, and backs out of the house into the garden where Sutton is sitting with the dog.  Sasha yells that they have to do something, so Sutton goes into the studio, where all but the main girls have left.

Sasha and Boo yell at each other while Sutton tries to find seating but doesn't say why.  Then the girls finally break down and are sad that they went to a movie when they should have done something for Fanny instead.  Well, Sasha is fine.  She said they were fine when she left.  Sutton says there is no crying in baseball, or ballet.  She has the girls call everyone, and bring chairs.

Later Fanny is calling to cancel all the things that have to do with the memorial, saying she doesn't have the energy.  She has to listen to the sitar player again, but finally cancels everything.  A knock at the door finds Boo telling Fanny that the sink is overflowing again, and that she's sorry for her loss.  Fanny says she'll take care of it and makes her way over to the studio.

She sees that flowers and streamers have been set up by the entrance, and walks in to find the studio full of people in borrowed chairs, and one for her at the front.  Sutton and the kids have choreographed a dance for her.  Not a memorial, but something for her, an I'm sorry from the whole town.  It's beautiful, and Fanny starts the clap at the end.  It's also super nice to see the girls actually dancing, and they are very good at it.

Afterwards Fanny and Sutton make up, and Fanny asks how Sutton is actually doing.  There is a smile and a perfect silence before she says "I think I stole a dog."  I'm kinda hoping that this dog sticks around frankly.

Then Jerry, Hubble's old friend says hi to Fanny, and the girls come to get validation from Sutton about how they did.  Sasha asks if Sutton is leaving, and she answers not as long as the Ham holds out, but Sasha isn't falling for the humor and asks if she's leaving the town.  She doesn't know, then gets swept away by Fanny to meet Jerry.  He says that Hubble was head over heels for her, and invites Sutton to come by the office whenever she gets a minute.  Then drops the bomb that Hubble changed his will on the way back from Vegas...everything is Sutton's.  I can't believe he didn't leave a single thing to his mother, that was pretty cold.

This is going to be some pretty fun fallout.
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