Monday, May 7, 2012

Movie Manners...Matter?

Cinemacon happened in Vegas last week.  Along with Hobbit extended trailers and Sneak Peeks at WB's newest movies, there was a conversation about texting during movies.

To go over it quickly, according to the article, these are the reasons that it should be allowed;

"Movies aren't just for baby boomers anymore."

"Teenagers have become accustomed to controlling their own existence."

"Banning cell phones would make teenagers feel a little handcuffed."

 First off, I'm far from a baby boomer, but maybe I have the manners of a baby boomer.  This is about common courtesy, and nothing else.  Distraction from the task you paid so dearly to experience is important.  It makes me wonder if the people who are for texting would also be okay with all the lights turned on and everyone talking too.

It makes me wonder if the very act of being considerate is becoming antiquated.  I sincerely hope that is not the case.  We can't be declining as a society so much that theater owners are considering letting people be completely rude to their other patrons that are trying to enjoy the actual product they are selling.

Maybe it's not their job, to parent the teenagers.  And it isn't.  It's the parents job to parent children, to teach them manners.  It's the parents job to teach them that they don't need their nose in a cell phone all day.  They need to lead by example.  But I guess that's a little hard when the parents now are teenagers themselves.

I guess it takes a village.  And that starts with making a rule to get kicked out of the theater without a refund if you take out your phone.  Screw you teenagers.  Take your ADD meds and just sit for 2 hours watching a movie.
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