Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Reunion Part 2

Last time: The reunion had multiple fights, and Camilla is still insane.

We jump right into the Erica/Twins fight about Erica being fake.  TT breaks out the popcorn, and everyone else has some as they watch the fight.

TT talks about how Gia and Erica were the twins friends, and then they flip-flopped.  Then we re-visited the Mars necklace incident, then the locking out of the hotel room.  Mimi is upset and asks Erica if it was her idea to lock them out.  Erica apologizes.  Elease says she knew everyone played a role.  Amy says she feels sorry for everyone who didn't stay out and have fun.

TT goes off on how Erica is a real person and she sees the hurt that happened.  It actually makes Erica cry.  One of the twins says that Erica does go behind their back a bit.  Gia says as soon as they leave the reunion the twins will be tweeting up a storm hating on the rest of the girls.

Jenna comes onstage, and her short moments are relived on the screen.  She pretends she's better than anyone and says the rest of the girls are trash and neanderthals.  Jenna says she's not going to fight however...after she insults all the girls, of course.  We go into the first commercial with Gia standing up like she's going to fight, and the boos start up.

We go back to one of the first episodes where the girls kicked the guys that Jenna brought home out.  She attacked everyone.  She tries to say she does social work, so I guess that makes her a better person or something?  TT smartly points out that she left social work to go on Bad Girls Club.

Jenna said she stopped drinking after seeing herself during the show.  Camilla said she and Jenna would've gotten along.  TT brings up sex, and Elease said Pleasure P was fun, but she had a boyfriend.  They show the clip of Elease straddling the rapper.  She's only mildly embarrassed.  She is still with her boyfriend of 2 years, and is confident about the relationship.  Camilla starts in about how Mimi and Elease said they want to be with bball players, even if they get cheated on, and they deny it.  Seeing as how they didn't pull up a clip, I'm thinking that was a lie on Camilla's part.  Camilla throws a pillow at Elease, who throws it back, and she's angry enough that her boobs are already popped out of her dress.

The pillow fight escalates to Camilla running over and Elease using her heels to fight back.  After they calm down they go into Amy's escapades with the boys.  She is still with Jake, her boyfriend.  One of the twins said she thinks the Bad Girls Club got all the stuff out of Amy's system, so it was good.  The twins talk about their bar meeting parents, but they hate guys at bars.

They go to Erica for a bit about how she didn't hook up with anyone, which launches into Erica and one of the twins fighting and then hugging it out.  The twins actually fight a bit with each other, which causes one to leave the stage and the other to follow.  Onstage they talk about how stupid Twitter fights are, while the twins fight backstage.

TT moves on to talk about Gia and Matt.  We look at the clips, then Gia says that Matt didn't get her stuff, so she kicked him to the curb...after sleeping with him.  Backstage one of the twins doesn't want to go back out, but they go anyway.  Amy says Gabi was hard to get along with.  Elease feels like it was Dani.  Then they talked about Erica's boyfriend having a bad time while he was visiting her, and she said the cameras are hard to deal with 24/7 and he was just uncomfortable. 

Then they show her rap debut, and everyone accept angry twin is excited to see it.  Well, Jenna doesn't care much either.  Gia says it's was a nice time, and Erica says they almost never show the good times like that.  Then TT makes Gia and Amy dance a little bit. 

TT asks who would do the show again.  Erica says no, then yes, but she would keep a little more quiet.  Mimi says it wasn't really her thing.  Elease says yes, Gabi would do things differently.  Camilla said if she did it again she wouldn't jump Amy.  Dani said she'd do it again with other people.  Christine said if she got there in the beginning she would have most likely stayed.  Jenna said if it was the same she wouldn't do it.  Gia would do it again with no regrets.

And that's the end of the show!  There are a few more shit talking moments, and then there is a quick look at the next season in Mexico, that I'm not recapping because it is NOT in Vegas.  That's a wrap!
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