Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beijing Noodle Cafe=Amazing

The Neon Beast and I were in the mood for noodles, so I took to good old Yelp to help us out.  We finally decided on a tiny little place on Sandhill and Flamingo called Beijing Noodle Cafe.  It's in a strip mall, they kind you worry about leaving your car outside, but respectable enough to have a Starbucks across the parking lot.

We walked in 5 minutes before they closed, but they were totally cool about it.  Turns out there was a big party still in there that consisted of 3 Adults and 2 kids, one of which was watching Cars 3 on his iPad at full volume.  Other than that rudeness, the kids were actually very sweet and well behaved.  The mom even apologized to the staff when she spilled water on the table (after the electronics had been put away).  Once we heard the music they were playing, it was so much better than the audio to Cars 2.

Neon Beast had some kind of Beef Noodle Soup, while I opted for the Pao Chicken Noodles.  I took a crappy iPhone picture of his since it looked more appetizing, and boy was it!  We ended up switching halfway through so we could try both, and I know the soup wasn't defined as Pho, but if Pho was like this then I would actually like Pho.

My freshly hand pulled noodles and chicken were so good I never even thought about putting soy sauce on them, which is a super big deal for me, as I put soy sauce on everything, always.  I'm addicted to soy sauce.  I didn't touch it here though, the noodles were the freshest I've ever tasted.

It's nuts that a place in a nasty location such as this can come so fresh and so cheap!  Neon Beast said it's the cheapest we've ever had dinner, especially since both of us couldn't even finish our meals!  If you are looking for awesome noodles, I would check this place out, even if it is out of the way!
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