Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Reunion Part 1

Last time: The whole crazypants season.

TT is back as host, and we get an overview of the craziness ahead.  Since this is just rehashing what happened, I'm only recapping the new/interesting stuff.

Amy, Erica, Gia, Mimi, and Elease all come out first, and talk about how they learned/grew.  Gia basically learned nothing, Elease learned how to fight because she'd never been in a fight before, Amy just drank her way through the season.  Erica apologized to Elease for the way she was treated, and then tried to get attention by saying she picked up the mattress on the anniversary of her dad's death.

They highlight the first night in the house, and Amy laughs at herself up even though when she pushed down Mimi and Gia.  She says she doesn't remember any of it.  Mimi says she totally forgives Amy for messing with her because she was drunk. 

Camilla is next on the stage, and we get her highlights reel, including punching Amy in the face and knocking down Mimi.  She gets boos and starts talking shit and says "They (the audience) want me to pop off, but remember we are on the west coast boo, so don't get it twisted."  Mimi doesn't know what that means, and I'm pretty much with her.

Back from commercial Camilla throws all the weaves back at them, and they just ignore her.  They go back to when it all started.  Mimi is shocked that Amy kissed Camilla, and it's clear from her face that she doesn't quite remember either.  Amy likens the experience to a praying mantis eating their mate.  They replay the mattress moving fight with Mimi running off sans weave.  Camilla says she has beef with no one because they aren't worth it.

During the commercial break we get an awesome sneak peak at TT falling in throw up.  Ew.

We come back to Elease and Camilla yelling at then fighting.  The pile up gets a little bigger when Camilla's friend joins in the brawl.  TT comes in with her apparently trademark pots and pans to stop the action.  Christine then comes onto the stage, and we get a look back at her 48 hours in the house.  She comes in wanting to party and in the end everyone "helps" her leave, including hair pulling.  Christine says she can hold her own, but TT calls her on it and says she could've grabbed anyone, but she just took it like a bitch.

Elease actually apologized to Christine for beating on her, but TT nips it in the bud and moves on to the Twins.  They come in, and one of them insists on bringing out her "drink" from under the couch they are sitting on.  Then they take out a piece of paper and say Elease was scripted the whole time, so they wrote one for her, and basically told her she sucks dick.  Elease goes for the bait and goes after the "drink" and throws it down.  It's maple syrup, and Gia freaks out that it got all over her, leaves, and comes back and yells at the audience.

Erica takes off her shoes and goes over to tell the audience to knock it off, to I think Camilla's friend, although it could be just a random bitch.  They take the girl out eventually and Gia spits on her.  We have a funny interlude during commercial where everyone pronounces Camilla's name incorrectly.

When we return we come right back to the spit, and another audience member tries to come at Gia but gets stopped by a stagehand looking woman.  Gia comes up behind her and punches the audience member, and I think all three women fall to the ground off the stage.  If that isn't enough drama, apparently Camilla, while this is going on, goes and attacks Elease again, knocking her down on the back side of the stage.  They bring it back to the stage where Camilla kicks Elease in the stomach and then knocks her down by the shoulder.

After everything calms down, we actually get around to recapping the Twins time in the house.  After the recap, Gia comes back onstage and is calmed down.  They actually seem like they are getting along with the twins as they replay their journey in the house.  During the discussion Erica brings up how the twins cyberbully everyone online now.  They play stupid, and TT calls out Erica for being so quiet when she was mostly the ringleader.  Erica opens her mouth, and DVR ended.  Sorry guys!  I'll catch you up next time!

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