Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Customer Service is just a Hobby. Lobby.

A few days ago a friend dragged me to Hobby Lobby in Hendo.  Now, I'm not a big fan of the kinds of hobby's they cater to, but I tagged along.  He was looking for some thick paper to try out some thick trading cards he's making for his new business.  He needed to find a certain kind of thickness and see how it was cut.  So we went over to the paper and came across one he thought was the one, but nothing seemed to be labeled.

We went over to the nearest customer service person and asked for some assistance.  "What thickness are these particular boards?" we asked.  "How much is this one?"

The lady shuffled around, looked and...I wish I was making this up...said "Well, this doesn't have a label or price on it, so I just can't help you." Then she promptly walked away.

We had one of those moments, where we stared at each other, waiting for the lady to come back, say she was joking.  Anything.  It was crazy.  She seriously just said she couldn't help us and walked away.  Ex-CEO's are out of work, the economy is in the toilet, and yet this women has a job.  This completely ungrateful women.

Shaking off the whole issue that just happened, we dig through and find one with a price tag.  Is it the right price tag?  Apparently no one will ever know.  We bring it over to be cut, and ding the little bell to get someone to come out of the back.  It takes awhile, but then yet another brilliant worker of Hobby Lobby comes out to regal us with her intellectual prowess. We explain that we would like this big piece of thick paper cut into smaller, trading card sizes.  But just a little bit, not the whole board.  She looked blankly at us like we had gone to the underwater basket weaving station instead of the "cut this paper for me" station she was currently standing behind.  Then she said "You know that it's 50 cents per cut, right?  We have to charge you that."

Yes, we were aware that if she cut the paper there would be a charge.  We just need to see how it looks when cut.  "You know it's going to be 50 cents though.  Per cut.  Right?"  Yes.  We are aware.  So she starts to go back to cut them, then turns back and says "You know you still have to buy the whole paper, right?  We can't just sell you the ones that I'm cutting for you?"  After explaining to her that yes, Who's on First, she finally took it to the back to grow some trees and make a new paper.  Or at least that's how long it took.

When it came out, she put all of it in a plastic bag without so much as a rubber band around the small cuts, which looked like Frankenstein had cut them with a dull knife.  We might have done a better job at home.

The founders of Hobby Lobby are Christian, and therefore they remain closed on Sundays out of respect.  If only they actually worked the other 6 days of the week.
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