Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Go Big Go Home

Last time: Camilla and Amy got in a brawl.  This week; Camilla isn't popular, Erica doesn't want to get up and rap in front of everyone, and it's the finale!  I think.
Amy says their time is over, but they still need to get Camilla to go.  Camilla is still defacing the pictures downstairs.

Erica calls Chris, her ex-boyfriend, to tell him that she laid down a track and they are going to perform it at a club.  She's super scared.

Camilla takes a swim in the pool while talking to herself.  She's sunning herself and verbally attacks Erica who is on her way into the house.  Mimi fixes her weave, and Camilla isn't impressed. 

Gia calls Matt and flirts a little.  She's sad to go away from him, but she's hopeful the relationship will progress.

Everyone is packing, but Elease and Mimi go out to Firefly.  They talk about how Camilla is getting her ass beat, and soon.

The girls ditch Camilla to go doom buggying.  She continues to talk to herself out by the pool.  They go out on a 7 person doom buggy, and it actually looks like tons of fun.  On the way back they talk about Erica's performance, and they joke that in order to get Gia onstage she has to have 2 shots.

Back at home Camilla invites her Vegas friend Crystal over to hang.  The girls go out to dinner and talk about how Camilla's hour is coming and she's in trouble.  Meanwhile Camilla is out clubbing with her friend and laughing at how she doesn't follow "The Oregon Trail" like the rest of the girls do.  Which makes no sense.

The girls eat at Cabo, remembering the big fight they got into the first time they came.  They come home and Camilla's friend goes and pokes the bears.  She asks them who thew the bed in the pool, and basically was just trying to start shit.  The girls get annoyed but don't move.

The next morning Camilla invites her family from Long Beach to come visit so that she can fight everyone.  Elease said they are going to be respectful because anything that's a problem is between the roommates.  Erica says that anyone that brings their mother into the Bad Girls Club house isn't all that bad.

Camilla's mom says that her kid is a tiger, and the family moves the water logged bed out of the pool together.  They make noise and the other girls just ignored them, while complaining upstairs.

The girls sans Camilla leave to go to the now defunct Nu Lounge in Town Square for Erica to perform.   Erica gets a huge bout of Stage Fright, and looks like a scared deer on stage.  She actually goes through with it though, and the over-hyped editing makes me think it wasn't that great.  Elease says everyone enjoyed it though, and she made it.  They all come home high on life.

Sasha and DJ, who are Jazzy's friends, are checking out all the markings on everyone's pictures downstairs.  Camilla is with them, and Erica yells at them to come upstairs, which starts a verbal fight.  Basically she starts going nuts and yelling at everyone.  Mimi says she needs to stop being disrespectful.

The next morning everyone is packing the rest of their stuff.  Elease says she needs to get back home and do her thing.  That night is stormy, and matches the feelings of the house.  Elease and Mimi dress for a fight, and Mimi decides she's going to take back all the stuff Camilla has stolen from around the house.  Amy decides just in case it comes down to it, she's dressing for a fight too.

Mimi does her thing, and Camilla takes the bait and slams into Mimi, destroying the table beneath her.  Amy and Elease come from just outside the hall where they were listening to join the brawl.  The producers come in very quickly and  break it up.  Camilla screams like an animal and...gets on the phone with her mother.  Her mother tells her to get on some rings and fuck some bitches up.  Well, pretty much.  She see Amy coming downstairs, drops the phone, and goes after her.  Camilla's mom talks through the whole fight, in which another weave is tragically lost.

Camilla gets a call from the BGC producers saying she has to leave.  She's mad, but she leaves as the girls yell at her from the top floor.  She goes off talking shit into the night.

Gia seems to be the only one a little weepy over the last day.  When Elease leaves she cries.  Mimi says they were BFFs in the house, so she'll really miss her.   Elease has been through the most for sure.  She was the only one who didn't have a moment of crazy.

Then it's Mimi's time to leave.  Erica doesn't want to cry a second time over her, so she doesn't.  Amy and Mimi have had their ups and downs but she will miss her.  Mimi is sad that her weave was pulled out and that her favorite necklace was broken, but she had fun.  Cut to her projectile vomiting from booze.

Next to go is Erica.  The first three in were the first three out.  Gia is crying, and Amy is crying.  Erica is happy she made it to the very end, and she's ready to go home.  She feels like she graduated.

Gia's turn comes next.  By this time she's wearing sunglasses to hide the tears.  Amy and Gia had their issues, but Gia gets out of the limo again to say goodbye to her.  She feels good to make it to the end.

Amy is alone, so that means losing all the clothes and going for a dip.  The limo driver gets an awesome show of boobs as she runs upstairs to get into clothes.  She's had quite a ride, and she says being the last out is victory.

There is an awesome montage of how much fun they've had, and it makes me want to get out and do more Vegas things.  Maybe recapping this show will make me live more Vegas rather than recapping.

Next time: there is a two part reunion, and it looks like more tears than fights.  Shocking!
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