Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Breakup Breakdown

Last time: Christine decided to leave, and everyone beat her up on the way out.

Mimi didn't agree with jumping her on the way out because she's weak.  Camilla said that she was friends with her in the beginning, but she didn't care.  Mimi is upset and cries to Elease, who smartly points out that this emotional outburst never showed up when Elease was getting beat on, and she thinks that Mimi is just trying to get attention.

Camilla hires a cleaning company to come clean the house, because it is a trainwreck.  There are empty pizza boxes everywhere, and it looks like someone either spilled orange juice or threw up all over the floor.  They don't clean as much as they start playing on the stripper pole.  They eventually clean up and the girls tip them $40.00.

Later everyone decides to go to Krave, and Erica tells Gia she noticed that Mimi doesn't like Elease talking to anyone, and she just noticed.  Erica feels like they should all be friends now and Mimi doesn't like to share her friends, and she shouldn't feel like friends her property.

Erica and Elease go into the confessional where Erica tells Elease it's hard to be with her because she's always with Mimi.  Mimi feels like everyone is out to get to get, so she decides to drink her sorrows away and acts a fool.  The girls talk about clingy relationships, and Amy checks on Mimi, who is on the phone and is drunk and she starts yelling and just keeps yelling that no one cares about her.

She is belligerent, and she starts asking everyone if they are going to betray her.  A little later on she blows crazy chunks all over the floor.  Amy says it smells like grapefruit, but everyone else is gagging and thinking it's terrible.  They go to Krave, and Camilla and Amy have tons of fun together.  Elease is wary of the friendship and doesn't like Camilla at all.  Elease says on the way home she's going to sleep in the VIP room because she doesn't want to stay in her puke room.  They try to be quiet, but they wake up Mimi.  Mimi is still a little drunk, but Elease moves in with Camilla.

In the morning a man with balloons and flowers comes from sometimes-boyfriend Jake to Amy.  She's elated, but the topic goes back to Mimi.  Camilla wakes her up and Mimi doesn't like her.  Erica doesn't feel like this has totally blown over.  She's usually right about this kind of thing.

Elease goes to lunch with Mimi, but on the way they go over what happened, and Mimi plays it off.  Amy calls up Jake because some girl keeps being all over him on Facebook.  They go directly into a fight and he promptly hangs up on her.  Elease and Mimi go to Firefly.  Elease rats out Camilla and Amy at lunch with Mimi.  Amy decides to have drinks at home with Camilla to forget about Jake.  Amy said that he sent all the stuff because he felt guilty.

Elease talks about what happened at lunch, and Gia thinks that Camilla's time is almost up.  Camilla and Amy talk outside and then go into confessional together.  Camilla says a second time that they are the same person, one white and the other black.  Then they start making out, then move it to the shower, where we are left to guess exactly what is going on.

Then there is a kerfuffle over getting the towels, so Camilla just gets out and gets her own towel.  She gets dressed and then comes back and I guess eventually brings Amy her clothes and a towel.  Amy says "Let me put my clothes on first" before they continue yelling I guess.  Camilla decides where she's from, Long Beach, "thems fightin' words."  So she shoves Amy as soon as she's out of the shower so hard she falls down.  It looks like she shoved her in the throat too, so how fast Amy recovers is amazing.  A slap fight comes on fast and strong, and guys break them up.  All the rest of the girls wake up all blurry eyed wondering what just happened.  Amy tries to go after her, Camilla calls up her mom and cries "because she's angry."  So angry you called your mother.  Like a child.

Camilla goes into the confessional and tears up Amy's tracks and lays them on her picture in the living room.  Amy wakes up a little embarrassed, and goes down to talk it out with Camilla.  They talk, but Camilla still rolls her eyes and it honeymoon is over.  Amy finds her tracks all over and isn't too happy.

Camilla decides to organize Ziplining in Bootleg Canyon.  Gia makes a great joke about everyone being good at it because they have to spread their legs, and Erica says it's going to be a new hobby of hers.  It does look fun.  Afterwards they are all sitting around and ignoring Camilla, and she feels they are just jealous.

They get home and Camilla decides Elease needs to move out of her room and moves all her stuff to the VIP room.  When Elease finds out she says she did it because she was fake.  Mimi and Elease then go after Camilla's mattress, and a fistfight breaks out.  Erica comes running in to see what's up, says that moving someones mattress is childish, then helps them move Camilla's mattress into the pool.  Camilla rips out Mimi's bangs, leaving her basically bald.  Camilla took all her collected weaves to the toilet, dumps them in, then I think pees all over them.  That's another toilet clogged.  The resale value on this house is going down by the second.

Next Week: Will Camilla be the first one to leave in the season finale?

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