Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Bad Girl Players

Last Week: The twins got jumped and left with their tail between their legs.

Amy and Erica run downstairs to check out the new girls pictures, and Gia says they are going to treat her like they treated Elease.  Elease is elated that she's off the heat and they will be bagging on someone else.

Erica raps in the bedroom and things she can make millions off of it, and Gia finds out that her little DJ is being a "twitter-ho" and she's upset.  She sends him an email and hopes to find someone else.

Gia, Amy, and Erica go to Bachi Burger, and some random guy comes over to talk, saying he runs Vegas because he's a music producer.  His name is Jazzy, and he invites Erica and Gia to come to his studio.

Christine, 23, from Tennessee comes in from the airport while Camilla is having a lolipop and a drink at Fremont East.  Christine and Camilla met up and have a drink together.   They both have boyfriends, and they are ready to fight.  Camille thinks its awesome because they are two different people...but they are dressed exactly the same.

The new girls arrive and Camille screams "Ladies, we're here!"  And the rest of the girls just hide in the room until the new 2 come in and force a convo.  Everyone has a stank attitude, but it seems like the new girls thaw them out a tiny bit.  They move downstairs and the old girls don't want to go out, even though Christine does.  Amy decides she likes Christine, but I think that's because she seems more crazy drunk than Amy.  They liken Christine to a Dolphin.

Christine and Camilla take the limo to Blue Martini for a "good Vegas time" which...hilarious.  It's barely on the strip.  They party it up and come home.  Christine wakes up from a night out and gets on the phone with her sister to say her boyfriend isn't answering the phone and starts crying and saying that she wants to go home.  Amy overhears and pulls her into the backyard to have a talk and tells her that she can't cry here.

Erica is mad at Christine because her stuff is all over, but Erica, Gia, and Amy leave to go visit Jazzy.  Erica plays her track for Jazzy, and he thinly veils that it wasn't as bad as it sounded.  He lets her get behind the mike despite what he just heard on her tape.  Jazzy pushes Erica to get to mediocre.  Gia has her eye on Jazzy, Amy feels like an awesome third wheel.  Erica says she should be careful because "Everyone knows everyone in Vegas."  I literally laughed out loud.  As it turns out, Jazzy knows Matt, Gia's whatever ex.

Christine and Camille write on Erica's picture "Hater" and make fun of her, while Erica hears the song she just recorded, and it almost sounds okay.  Erica is worried about Gia getting all over Jazzy because that is her connection, and she doesn't want Gia to be a Homie Hopper.

The whole house goes out to Crown at Rio (They really can't pick em) to party.  DJ Matt is there, and Gia grabs him and asks if he likes the GoGo girls, and then refuses to leave the DJ booth until Mimi takes her out.  Back at their VIP table, a girl sits down without asking, and it breaks out in a fight. Erica calls them Ratchet girls, and I'm not up on my slang, so I have no idea what that means.  Everyone is getting along because they got into a fight against another person, so all is good in the house.  Christine isn't really homesick anymore.

Until the next morning, when she changes her tune again.  She's only going to stay if she's drunk.  Camille and Christine go for a dip in the cesspool.  Gia, Amy, and Erica go to visit Jazzy again.  Amy and Erica play basketball and Jazzy got all up on Gia, and she's not drunk enough to not be offended.  She goes home and invites Matt over. They snuggle and then Gia tells Matt about Jazzy, trying to play it off like it's fine.  He doesn't quite seem to mind.  Nightcam shows some sexin, and then he goes home.  She thinks they might be able to get together after the show.

Christine calls her boyfriend and tells him she's coming home.  She's talking to everyone as a group, and Camilla decides that it's fine, let's help her leave.  They all gather around, grab her shit, and throw it over the balcony onto the first floor.  Amy thinks she should have grown some balls.

  Christine gets in the car, and gets pulled out by her hair.  They take this way too hard.  She won't even get out of the car to get the rest of her stuff.  The van pulls off, leaving her things in the driveway.

Next Week, Mimi loses her shit again, and multiple fights break out.  Shocking.
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