Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bad Girls Club: Double Trouble: The Twins Speak

My question is, did they ever stop?   Tanisha Thomas, former bad girl, bangs down the door of the twins for a "very special interview"

She really bangs on the door, and...I thought that they lived with their parents.  That seems pretty rude.  But I guess it's not called "Considerate Girls Club."

TT sits down with the twins in their living room and asks if they ran the house. The twin with the lip ring says "Hell yeah we did" like it was a statement and not a question.  They do a play by play of the fight, and one of the twins says she's never gotten into a fight before.  Well alright.

TT is shown in some sort of confessional saying that the girl got her ass beat and it's stupid to say she beat anyone's ass.  Then told a fat joke on herself.

They discuss all the girls.  First Gia, who they say is super sweet but has a hairy asshole.  Erica, one twin didn't like from the get go, and said she always ran her mouth.  "I'm 'bout that life" is apparently something that Erica said a lot, so they have a montage.  Elease walked in like she owned the place and that's why they didn't like her.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that they all decided to hate her no matter what. 

They said their plan was to have the 6 stay in the house and recycle through new people.  TT said that was the stupidest plan ever, and they agreed.  They bring up that one of the twins made out with Erica, which...when the fuck did that happen?

TT pulls out the DVD of the fight, but first they have a little montage of Daddy on the phone.  She yells for her parents to come down so they can all watch the fight as the family.  TT asks dad why he didn't prepare them to get their asses beat.  He sarcastically says sorry he didn't prepare them to fight.  TT gives Mom a hard time too, then they slide in the tape.

Dad says it was bad, and the parents confessional that it was good that she protected herself instead of fighting back.  They bring up the reunion, and dad says they need to NOT start anything, but you know they will.  Mom thinks they should have class and just be above it all, but the twins say they will be on and popping, and dad says "This isn't Jerry Springer!"

TT kicks the twins out to just talk to the parents.  Dad says they wanted to do it, and he wants to back them up, so he let them go.  He was mad that they weren't sticking together when they got jumped.  Mom says she would have started fighting.  Dad was disappointed they came home with their tail between their legs.

Dad thinks Mimi isn't great and broke his Grandma's heart.  They think Mimi doesn't exist and isn't intelligent.  They think Gia is a nasty girl  Amy needs to find some brain cells.  TT tells them that education isn't a factor for the shoe.  They are mad that Amy didn't do anything to help the fight, told her to pick a side.

It's dinner time!  Which means they fix dinner and drink, and TT enjoys Dad a little too much.  Mimi comes up again, and they feel that they shouldn't have turned on another Haitian.  They bitch about Erica some more, then invite TT out to Boston to party.

In the cab they discuss the oh so adult twitter fights they've been in with the rest of the girls.  They go to a club and party and yell about how much cooler they are than everyone else.  When they get home TT pulls out a DVD of their replacements. 

Christine from Tennessee.  Her audition video says she wants all eyes on her all the time.  The twins say she looks too young and diss her.  Next up is Camilla from Long Beach California.  They show her as 24, and the Cali Cutthroat.  She says so loves to be naked, so she's going to be BFF with Gia.  They actually like Camilla because she seems like she's gonna start trouble.

They give a low down of what will go down at the reunion, and they are pretty much after Gia and Erica.  TT will be at the reunion, and she says it's time to get revenge.  She says the twins will either bring it or get their asses beat.

Next week: new girls come in loud.  The other girls treat her like they did Elease. Wheee.
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